Nickelodeon’s ‘Loud House’ Introduces An Interracial Gay Couple In An Important Move For Children’s TV

A new animated series on Nickelodeon just introduced a couple that will surely get a side-eye from conservative parents. The Loud House will feature a same-sex couple married for the first time in Nickelodeon’s history.  The show focuses on the life Lincoln Loud — a boy who has ten sisters — and has been on the air since May. Now, Lincoln is introducing viewers to his best friend, Clyde McBride’s, parents. Harold and Howard McBride are an interracial gay couple with helicopter parent tendencies, and they are showing children that their families are also normal.

Even Lincoln himself seems to know how awesome this moment is for children’s TV. In a preview for the “Overnight Success” episode, he turns directly to the camera before opening the door and says, “This is it. Time to make history!”

The clip focuses on how overprotective the McBrides are of Clyde. Before leaving him at the Loud house, they leave Lincoln with a long list of telephone numbers (including the number to the local movies) as well as a humidifier, white noise machine, and a picture of them. As they walk away, Howard cries about how much he loves his son as Harold gives him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Aww.

The loving parents are voiced by comedian Wayne Brady (Harold) and singer Michael McDonald (Howard), and they have officially won the hearts of LGBTQ supporters across social media.

The comments have been overwhelmingly positive. The snippet does a brilliant job of not stereotyping the McBride couple nor making a big fuss about their sexuality. The McBrides are just a normal (albeit overprotective) married couple who are allowing their young son to take steps toward independence. As a mom, I understand this struggle and I know it’s one ALL parents have to face no matter what family dynamic exists in their home.

I also love anything that pisses off homophobic people, so this show is a win-win. And, kids who have two dads (or moms) will be more than thrilled to see a family they can identify with on TV. Representation matters, and Nickelodeon gets two thumbs up for making such a major move.

Of course, the idiot train never fails to appear during times like this, and there were some furious parents who felt the show was “forcing gayness” on others. Riggghhhttt. Brady did a TMZ Live chat during the debut of the episode, and he told ignorant people to go fuck themselves because he’s a man of the people.

“Overnight Success” just aired Wednesday, but episodes are posted on the show’s website to enjoy. If the clip is any indicator of how awesome this show is, then it needs to be a part of everyone’s TV roster, because we all need a smile.