Did Michelle Obama Just Throw Shade At Melania Trump In ‘Carpool Karaoke’?

Sometimes James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, but sometimes it’s absolutely perfect. A recent installment featuring the first lady and Missy Elliot was everything I, at least, needed to see after a full week of the Republican National Convention and Trump-mania. But! Was it just me, or did Michelle Obama use Carpool Karaoke to throw a little shade at Melania Trump in the this episode? Since Elliot was in the car, they decided to do “Get Ur Freak On,” and if you ever needed proof that Obama should probably just be your best friend, it’s that she knows every last word of that gem. And when they got to the part that says, “Copywritten, so don’t copy me/ Y’all do it, sloppy-ly/ And y’all can’t come close to me,” I was really hoping they filmed it on Tuesday, so when they panned to Obama it was a little joke and jab at Trump’s speech stealing.

Alas, that is not that case. They filmed the segment way back in June, when the first lady launched her Snapchat account and announced her trip to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain as part of her “Let Girls Learn” initiative. It’s promotional, because everything in the world is promotional. Elliot recorded a song for the project, too, called “This Is For My Girls,” which is why she’s in the car (and of course they sang that tune). Money earned from downloads of the song go to support education for women worldwide.

But let’s get back to how awesome Obama is. First, they do “Signed Sealed Delivered,” by “her favorite,” Stevie Wonder. Which is true. President Obama mentions this all the time, even at the Dallas memorial a few weeks ago after Police Chief David Brown recited Wonder’s “As” as a prayer. Then, of course, they sang “All The Single Ladies,” in addition to the two Elliot songs. After Beyoncé, the first lady and Corden joked that they were all up in the Beyhive, and she said, “We were making honey to put in our lemonade!” Get it?

She was cracking up and riffing with Corden the whole time, even telling Corden, “This is a treat!,” because she hasn’t been able to sit in the passenger seat of a car and just sing her little heart out often (which as everyone knows, is one of life’s little luxuries).

Michelle is awesome. I can’t picture any other first lady who has been, or will be, as present in our culture than she has been. She has her work and promotes her causes (and her husband), but she also looks and sounds damn well ready to get the fuck out of the White House and get to walk — or drive around — without a tail (which they had for the entire segment, if you look closely. Sure, her security will still be tight, but Michelle strikes me as the kind of person who would like to do her own grocery shopping and listen to “Formation” on her way to work. Even with Corden, she says that the “freedom” her family will have afterwards is worth giving up the “seven years of luxuries.” She starts to say something about how seven years of a private chef is enough but cuts herself off. Don’t worry, Michelle, I see you.

And you know what? She’s probably the kind of person who only throws shade in the privacy of her own home, because she’s classy and cool as fuck. I don’t ever want to see Bill Clinton or Melania Trump sing in a car.