Dictionary.com Just Made A Ton Of Slang Words Official, Including “Woke,” “Misgender,” And “Butthurt”

I have a lot of respect for the written word and books and grammar and all of that, which is why I’m not one to freak out when certain slang words are added to any dictionary. On Tuesday, words including “misgender,” “woke,” and “butthurt” were added to Dictionary.com, among many other previously nonofficial words. The website added 300 new words and updated 1,700 entries this week, and while Dictionary.com isn’t the old, stuffy Oxford English Dictionary or Merriam-Webster (which would be even cooler), it’s a really big deal. Change starts with baby steps. And although I have a personal affinity for telling someone to not get butthurt every time I say something without thinking, there are some really important LGBTQ terms they’ve added, too.

Because people need to get woke to how people talk to each other. Now, it’s official that “misgender,” or to call someone by the wrong gender pronoun, is actually a verb. So, we can tell Texas Senator Ted Cruz that he’s not just a jerk, but he’s just fucking wrong when he implies that transgender women are men who want to use the women’s restroom by misgendering them. Some other LGBTQ terms they added include: “hijra,” “panromantic,” “ze,” and “intersectionality.” Everyone needs to know what these words mean and use them wisely.

The updates come from monitoring what people are actually looking for. Dictionary.com CEO Liz McMillan said in a statement, “We get over 5.5 billion word lookups every year, and we analyze those lookups to identify new words that we haven’t seen before. And when we see a critical mass of volume against a particular word, our lexicography team will start researching.” She also noted that it’s not just the algorithms, but editors decide pretty carefully what to include to make sure it’s actually a word worth including to inform the masses.

While some of the new additions mean big things for social change (in  my very humble opinion), other words are just fun and useful words you usually had to look up on Urban Dictionary before. Here are a few others added to Dictionary.com:

Lumbersexual: a man whose style of dress and appearance is reminiscent of the ruggedly masculine stereotype of the lumberjack.

Manspread: to sit with one’s legs far apart, taking up too much space on a seat shared with other people.

Train wreck: a person who has experienced a personal failure, disaster, etc.

Warmist: a person who accepts global warming as a reality (a term used by people who reject the concept).

Al desko: (of meals or eating) at one’s desk in an office.

Presstitute: a journalist or media source whose news coverage is considered to be inappropriately influenced by business interests, political motives, etc.

Now everyone can talk like a 24-year-old girl who spends too much time on Twitter. I think that’s a good thing.