Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney Reportedly Broke Off Their Engagement

Ending relationships is a fucking terribly hard thing to do, and reports that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney broke up only highlight how hard it is to keep everything together. Take a breath: it’s not yet official that the two have called off their wedding after five years together. But TMZ, the media outlet that knows everyone’s business, is calling Gaga and Kinney’s romance.

Gaga was spotted in Cabo this week, not wearing her huge heart-shaped diamond, and TMZ reports she was seen without her ring in Malibu last week, on Kinney’s birthday. All around town, the paparazzi say, Gaga and Kinney have not been together in ages, and “sources” say the couple called it quits about a month ago. Maybe it’s really fucking over.

Kinney proposed to Gaga on Valentine’s Day in 2015, and for the past year, fans have been waiting for some official word about wedding details (because, lordy, a Gaga wedding would be better than a royal one — and would probably have better hats). But that looks like it might be officially over. The couple has reportedly had some ups and downs in the past, and tabloids reported that Gaga was having trouble finalizing wedding plans. A source told Life & Style, “Taylor is usually laid-back when it comes to wedding planning, but he’s become so frustrated, it’s causing real trouble. He’s even given Gaga an ultimatum — he told her it’s now or never!” So maybe that was the problem.

Earlier this month, though, when the couple reportedly split, Gaga was on a roll. She posted a set of pictures of her getting her drivers license, finally at the age of 30, and also getting pulled over by the police while cruising around with her friend to celebrate. Apparently, she had temporary plates on her car. She captioned the picture, “(And yes I FINALLY got my license after years of driving w an adult present)…IM FREE! Rollin w the homies.” If she and Kinney are broken up, she’s been doing a solid fucking job of hiding it.

And what could be better than getting out of a five year relationship and then getting your license and cruising around with your homies? Literally, there is nothing better than driving around with your friends, heading to Mexico, and generally just having a badass good time. If Kinney and I broke up, that’s exactly what I would fucking do.