Gucci Mane Will Reportedly Headline An All Lives Matter Concert In Mississippi

Recently freed from prison, Gucci Mane will reportedly headline an All Lives Matter concert in Biloxi, Mississippi. The show advertises a night of “Gucci Mane and Friends” and will go down at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Sept. 24. It’s billed as an All Lives Matter concert on the promotional posters, which feels like a watered-down concession given the recent spate of racially-charged police violence — more specifically the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Released from prison four months early after serving a three-year sentence for firearms charges, the new Mane has lost weight, gotten sober, and seems all around more centered and happy. But do his good intentions forgive the fact that headlining an All Lives Matter show is in many ways an act of erasure? Most often, the people flying the “All Lives Matter” banner are uncomfortable with Black Lives Matter, and despite their perceived intentions, pull the conversation away from the specific and real issues of anti-black violence in favor of a misleading, color-blind kumbaya mentality. This ultimately does nothing to prevent further police brutality.

The question is: does Mane agree with the sentiments of All Lives Matter, or is this just another concert he’s willing to play in order to pay the bills?

There is a strong possibility Mane was placed between a rock and a hard place when presented with the opportunity to play this show. While it’s being advertised as an All Lives Matter show, a portion of the proceeds are going to benefit the families of Castile and Sterling, making it harder to turn down on principle.

Still, proceeds aside, the symbolism of headlining an All Lives Matter concert sends a problematic message to fans who are campaigning for Black Lives Matter and don’t possess the same platform and cultural power as Mane. It basically sends a message of money-over-everything, which isn’t in keeping with Mane’s recently-expressed spirituality.

According to a recent tweet directed at him and his girlfriend Keyshia Kaoir questioning his decision to headline the show and her complicity in letting him go through with it, there’s a chance it might not be happening after all. Or at least, there may have been a PR mishap.

However, Gucci himself has yet to make a direct statement that either confirms or denies his feelings on All Lives Matter or his feelings about the show. Will he go through with it, or will the negative political implications cause him to rethink the show? We shall see in the coming weeks.