5 Gifts To Give Yourself As Little Reminders That You’re Worthy Of Self-Care

Self-care is hard. The hardest part is deciding what sort of time you’re supposed to carve out for yourself, how much money you’re supposed to take from the swear jar and put towards an elaborate coffee concoction, and where you might find a comfortable park bench to cry on in whatever god-forsaken city you happen to be in. And in those moments, making decisions is hard. But when you give yourself gifts that contribute to your daily quota of self-care in a way that is meaningful to you, you may gradually find that you no longer ask Siri, “Where is a good place in this city to cry.”

For me, nothing is more anxiety-inducing than turning my phone on airplane mode and forcing myself into a bubble bath tormented by my own thoughts and shampoo in my eye, because I’m six years old, evidently. But no one says you need to — or should — abide by society’s frothy constructs of what constitutes self-care. Sometimes it doesn’t mean turning your phone off (literally, the horror), but just leaving yourself little reminders that you matter. Because if you’re going to let anyone’s opinion decide how you should feel about yourself, it’s your own, you bad bitch, you.

Here are some ideas to keep on hand for some much-needed and well-deserved TLC.

The Self-Love Pinky Ring


Ah, the ever-forgotten pinky. Ah, the ever-forgotten idea that you don’t need to sit around idly waiting for someone else to put a ring on it when you’re itching for a shiny object like, yesterday. L.A.-based jewelry company Fred + Far designed this little gem of an idea to remind women to “commit” to themselves. Interpret that any way you like, but the premise is golden.

Each ring (made from conflict-free white sapphire and available in everything from sterling silver to rose gold) comes with a contract vowing to honor, choose, and remember yourself every day. Those tasks sound intuitive, what with the idea that you quite literally spend 24 hours a day with yourself, but we often let our needs take a backseat to other peoples’. Samira Far, the co-founder along with Melody Godfred, told Racked that with the ring’s upside triangle “we harness of the power of the divine feminine.” She continued, “There’s no other ring like it on the market. Most pinky rings are either inspired by traditional men’s signet rings, or are simply thin little bands.”

Dreamy Decor

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.58.42 AM
CREDIT: elsieandnell/Etsy

I’m really not big into the study promoting the idea that your friends who litter their Facebook feed with inspirational quotes are unintelligent. We all need an extra push, so that’s where this cute wall accessory comes in. Not all of us have the luxury of quitting our office jobs in favor of doing what we really want to do (which involves hugging pandas, in my case). This is actually the self-gift that keeps on giving, because it reminds you every day that the magical scenarios that play on repeat in your mind are worth their weight in gold, and can and will get you through the tough times.

Pizza Yoga Mat 


If the idea of weaseling into Spandex and schlepping a mat all the way to yoga makes you groan, maybe you’re doing it wrong? Or maybe you should try to stop forcing yourself into doing things you saw celebrities do on Instagram but don’t make you happy? If you’re willing to give it another shot, good on you. But if this pep-talk was just the incentive you needed to cancel your unused membership, awesome. Put that money towards a mat that will make you tingly with happiness every time you look at it and leave it splayed out in a cozy corner.

No one says a yoga mat is a contortion-only zone. Use it in front of the TV while performing restorative stretches that are both passive and gentle. Feel free to get the knots out of those muscles while you’re at it too.

Mermaid Safety Blanket


Sometimes we all just need to quit life for a few hours, and that’s why blankets were invented. Enveloping your entire being in soft fuzz mimics that sought-after in-utero feeling (the fetal position is a thing for a reason). Don’t just grab any tattered throw dangling by loose threads off your couch. Invest in a blanket that feels like what I imagine penetrating a baked good feels like for men. Here is a mermaid tail blanket that feels very “good vibes only.” Real talk, sometimes nothing is more comforting than knowing a blanket will protect you from the bad guys.

Bathroom Reading Materials

You know what’s a long-lost art? Reading on the toilet. Leave your phone somewhere you can’t see it or hear it. Implement the same strategy you’d use to purchase gorgeous, inspiring coffee table books, and put ‘em within arm’s reach of your throne. Because it’s kind of unsettling that probably 80 percent of the messages you receive on a daily basis are mid-wipe. Don’t be a statistic. Stock up on some of this summer’s must-read titles to work through while on the toilet.

So there you have it: namaste, pizza, and many other soothing self-care words to you.