You’ll Be Able To Order Pizza Hut Through Social Media Direct Messages Soon

It goes down in the DMs, people. Many have been known to slide into someone’s direct messages on Twitter or Facebook to send annoying messages or “shoot their shot” in hopes of hooking up. Now, one company wants to use these messages for another purpose — soon, you’ll be able to order Pizza Hut through direct messages on Facebook and Twitter. The famous pizza restaurant chain announced the news via their website July 12, saying the service will be available sometime in August.

Pizza Hut has teamed up with “chatbot” startup Conversable to launch the social ordering platform that will allow customers to save favorite orders and reorder them directly through their social media message systems. The service will require a Pizza Hut account to order and there will be no extra charge to use the service. The chatbot will also have a frequently asked questions page, as well as a page to display Pizza Hut’s latest promotions. Conversable is also the social media ordering home of Whole Foods Market and Wingstop, so there are definitely people who want this kind of service. Also, everyone loves pizza. Duh.

This is Pizza Hut’s attempt to keep up with stiff competition from Domino’s Pizza, which changed the pizza ordering game last year when they made it possible to order a pizza by tweeting the pizza emoji at the company. They also celebrated the recent release of a “zero-clicks” app to place orders in, so it’s officially easier to order a pie than text your mom back.

Pizza Hut Chief Digital Officer Baron Concors spoke up about why the company has decided to use social media as an ordering hub, writing on the company’s blog:

“The new Pizza Hut social ordering platform is another example of making it easy for our customer to order their favorites from Pizza Hut. We are constantly pursuing ways to simplify our ordering experience. This platform allows our consumers to quickly order or get information where they are already spending a great deal of their time… We are committed to our servicing our customers in the most convenient way and meeting them in the channels they already prefer. This launch reinforces our goals of being the most user centered pizza company with an emphasis [on] the simplification and personalization of our digital experience.”

If you are a creature of habit and you order the same stuff over and over again, then this might be for you. Based on the information that is presented, it looks like this app is a way to quickly reorder favorites without a hassle. But, what do you do when you want to switch up your order and try something new? Will there ever be a point where there are too many people in the DMs? And, if you are already on your phone, is it really that hard to just go to the website and place your order?

I can certainly understand not wanting to call the restaurant and listen to hold music whilst suffering from a rumbling stomach. I can also understand why someone wouldn’t want an app, because there are too many apps in the world and not enough storage space. But, I just don’t see myself ordering pizza on Twitter. I’m too busy chatting with people I don’t really know and laughing at GIFs. It will be interesting to see how well the chatbot will work when it launches next month.

Good luck Pizza Hut – you’ll need it when you get flooded with DMs.