#TaylorSwiftIsOverParty Takes Over Twitter And The Shade is Epic

Now this is some entertaining drama. Once again, the unavoidable Taylor Swift is all over the internet, but this time she’s the one taking a major loss. The hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty – a celebration of the “end” of Swift – took over Twitter Wednesday and the shade was glorious. The drama started when her PR team revealed she wrote “This Is What You Came For,” the latest hit by her ex, Calvin Harris, and Rihanna. Until now, the song was credited to “Nils Sjoberg,” but that name turned out to be a pseudonym for the pop star.

While they were still dating, Swift wrote the song and originally planned to record it with Harris, but they decided to give it to Rihanna instead so their relationship wouldn’t take away from the amazing song. Swift used the fake name to keep everything a secret, and all seemed well until the sudden reveal. Harris corroborated her team’s story, but he seemed pretty pissed that she leaked the information. He took to Twitter for an epic rant about the song’s origins and Swift’s need to tear down an ex-boyfriend.

Of course, the section of Twitter who either don’t like and/or are over Swift were overjoyed to see her get a good internet dragging. #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty gave them a great opportunity to bring out all their favorite GIFs and memes to celebrate the end of Taylor Swift.

Yes, we all know she’s mega-famous and her career is not over, but people are still hoping that Harris’s verbal lashing will at least keep her from making yet another album about her ex. Everyone imagined what they would wear, who would show up (Kanye, obviously), and what would go down at a party to celebrate the fall of a pop star. As always, Twitter did not disappoint with hilarious jokes that lasted for hours.

Swifties (aka Taylor fanatic)s were not happy about the hashtag and jumped in to remind people about her net worth, hits, and blah blah blah, but honestly, no one gives a shit because these tweets are hilarious. She was obviously trying to take a jab at Harris and he came back with a deserved bashing, so she can’t be too mad.

Right now, Swift hasn’t responded to the tweets or the hashtag on her social media accounts. She’s been absent on Twitter for about a month, and it’s probably a good idea for her to continue her hiatus.