Amber Rose Debuted ‘The Amber Rose Show’ And It’s Everything We Hoped For

Is there anything that Muva Rose cannot do? She’s hosted a successful Slut Walk, launched an emoji app called MuvaMoji, given us countless twerking lessons, and written an instruction guide on how to be a bad bitch. Now, Amber Rose has a late-night TV show that’s the perfect way to spend a Friday night at home. The Amber Rose Show, made a July 8 debut on VH1, and it was everything we would expect from the fearless feminist. Rose took the stage with a lacy all-black outfit and, similar to other late-night hosts, she did a quick recap of some of the top celebrity news stories. However, she put her own spin to it and sprinkled in a few jokes – including one about Kanye.

The powerhouse also let the audience know she would be talking about her favorite subject – sex – in a Q&A segment called #AskMUVA. Rose took sex-related questions from people on the streets, in the audience, and through Twitter. The conversation got real as she tackled small dicks, condoms stuck in vaginas, and sexting.

Ms. Rose also brought out rapper French Montana to address rumors about them dating each other. Of course, French is single, so Amber held “fuck a rapper” tryouts – sexy banana eating included – to find a girl for her friend. Honestly, is there anyone who can talk about sex better than Amber Rose?

Rose’s journey to the small screen began in a conversation with daytime TV host Dr. Phil (yes, that Dr. Phil). After appearing on The Doctors, a show produced by Dr. Phil, and talking about slut-shaming, she was approached by him to do her own show. According to Rose, Dr. Phil said she was passionate about her platform and suggested she take her talents to television. Now, Dr. Phil is co-producing The Amber Rose Show and mentoring the budding talk show host.

Muva Rose poked fun at the unlikely partnership on her show with a Baywatch-themed skit featuring Dr. Phil. In the clip, she portrays a sexy lifeguard who saves Dr. Phil from drowning in the ocean. When he asks her what he could do to thank her, he eventually decided to give her a talk show (although she asked for cash).

Rose’s “I don’t give a shit” approach and sex-positive vibes are true to who she is as a woman and are desperately needed on late-night TV. It was nice to see something that was real, informative, and funny. The best job in the world is one where a woman can express herself and have fun, so she’s is clearly living the dream.

Since the show’s debut, Rose has been busy making appearances at several events. She recently popped up on Conan and happily gave sex advice to the host and his guest, Dax Shephard, when they jokingly asked the media mogul for tips on how to have a great foursome. Rose also made a quick appearance earlier this week at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors, introducing the tribute segment for rap icons Salt-N-Pepa.

Now, she is looking forward to filming more episodes of her talk show and continuing to bring lots of candid sex discussions to the masses. If you missed out on the first episode, do yourself a favor and check it out on VH1’s websiteThe Amber Rose Show airs Friday nights at 11 p.m. and is definitely a must-see.