Calvin Harris Tweeting Major Shade At Taylor Swift Is Exactly Why You Should Unfollow Your Ex On Social Media

In early June, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris parted ways, proving once and for all that no amount of fame or money can protect you from getting dumped by a DJ. By the end of June, Swift was flaunting around her latest catch, Tom Hiddleston, who’s already introduced her to his mother across the pond. The DJ managed to mostly keep his cool about the breakup and his ex’s quick rebound, but he kind of lost it Wednesday. Harris threw Swift a lot of shade on Twitter about a song they collaborated on, bashing her and her new bae in the process.

It was recently released that Swift wrote Harris’ “This Is What You Came For,” which features Rihanna. At around noon Wednesday, Harris posted a tweet confirming she wrote it and even complemented Swift’s “amazing” lyrics, saying she “smashed it as usual.” Aw, that’s pretty nice of him. It takes a great deal of confidence and maturity to speak positively about any ex, specially when the breakup happened not too long ago.

But wait, there’s more. OK, I take back that whole “confidence” thing, because Harris then started to get petty by calling out the specifics. It’s still fairly cordial though — he just clarified her role in the song, tweeting: “I wrote the music, produced the song, arranged it and cut the vocals though.”

But wait, there’s more. Harris then criticized T-Swift’s team for the way it announced the news.

Her squad is a loyal one. I wouldn’t recommend pissing off them or Beyoncé’s BeeHive. You have to know going into a relationship with Swift that when it ends, you will be torn apart by her fans. It’s just like when a friend gets dumped and all of her friends run to her rescue saying variations of  “I never liked him” or “he sucks.”

Also, Harris and his PR team must love the attention he’s getting post-breakup. The only thing that will get you Googled more than dating Swift is breaking up with Swift.

But wait, there’s more still.

Aw, this is some sad tweeting right here. I think it’s fair to throw this right back at him and say that he should focus on himself instead of trying to tear down his ex by tweeting about her seven times in a row.

OK, here’s the next one.

Woooooooooow. This one takes the cake. He “won’t allow it”?

Taylor, please let the anger you feel while reading that tweet fuel your next chart-topper. Bringing Katy Perry into it too, eh?

Oh, and he keeps going.

I hate this move. This “I’m the nice guy” move is bullshit. If you really felt that way, you wouldn’t call her out over Twitter in the first place. This “positive” message of yours is more about your image than her, otherwise this would have been sent privately or not at all.

Onto his closer:

A nice, generic, empty statement that seems far from heartfelt.

No response from Swift (or Perry) yet, which is good. No response is probably the best response in this case, but we’ll see what happens.