Betty White Paid Tribute To Queen Latifah At The Hip Hop Honors In The Best Way

When you think about hip hop, I’m sure the name Betty White doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Well, it turns out the Golden Girls star is a huge fan of the scene and is friends with the undeniable trailblazer that is Queen Latifah. As a tribute to the Queen, White read Queen Latifah’s lyrics from “U.N.I.T.Y.,” the classic from Latifah’s 1993 album, Black Reign, in a hilarious video. The result was just as perfect as White always is herself.

“U.N.I.T.Y.” earned Latifah a Grammy back in ’93, and it remains a staple anthem for female empowerment. The Hip Hop Honors aired Monday night on VH1, with many celebrities paying tribute to the women who have greatly influenced and contributed to the hip hop community (the theme was “All Hail the Queens,” after all), but White’s appearance was an unanticipated, utter delight.

“Who you callin’ a bitch?” the 94-year-old said. “I walked past these dudes. When they passed me, one of ‘em felt my booty. He was nasty. Since he was with his boys, he tried to break fly. Ha. I punched him dead in his eye.” After delivering more of Latifah’s iconic lyrics deadpan, straight into the camera, White closed with, “They don’t write ‘em like that anymore.”

Betty White is defying stereotypes in a big way by proving she is well-versed with hip hop culture. She also tweeted a shout out to Latifah congratulating her and giving her the highest compliment that anybody can give to another person — calling her a friend.

To brunch with both White and Latifah would be beyond a dream. So much love and bottomless mimosas to go around.

Along with White’s lighthearted and funny tribute, the tense state of the country was brought up multiple times during the Hip Hop Honors. Latifah made a brief, yet poignant speech, saying:

“Listen we all know the world, that our world, is really tense right now. I’m hoping that we can somehow manage to channel all of these emotions that we have in a positive way. I don’t care how much or things I have, or Puff has … If I go outside and try to hail a cab and he passes me for the white woman standing right there, that racism is still alive and kicking. And we have to change that. And I’m not blaming the white lady, she needed a cab too.”

Look, I have two simple requests: for racism to die and White to live forever. Is that too much to ask?

If you want your day to improve dramatically, watch the full video of White for yourself.

God, that was perfect.