Rihanna Doesn’t Want Your Shitty Bra Or Anything Else Thrown At Her

The next time you’re at a concert, please refrain from throwing shit on stage while the artist is performing. Especially if you’re at a Rihanna concert, because Rihanna doesn’t want your shitty bra or anything else thrown at her while she’s doing her thing. Now, it’s no freaking secret that I want to be best friends with Rihanna (in a completely normal and sane way, obviously), so of course I think her response to a fan throwing an oversized bra at her in Copenhagen this weekend is the best thing ever. The bra looks white and lacy in the videos that have been circulating on social media, which is, as Rihanna’s fake best friend, probably not her style in the first place. Secondly, in her amazing way, she looks the bra over and reminds the fan that her titties are way too small for said bra. Rihanna then asks, “What you gonna do with this, girl?,” before tossing the bra back into the crowd.

Rihanna doesn’t even do bras. She is one of those lucky women that can choose whether to wear one or not, and if she does, it’s a super cool bralette that looks like a top. Actually, she’s even admitted that that’s how she rolls. Rihanna told Vogue once, “If I’m wearing a top, I don’t wear a bra. If I’m wearing a bra, I just wear a bra.” Fashion, bitches.

Although Rihanna tosses the bra back and makes fun of it, she’s not really making fun of the fan. In general, Rihanna is pretty fucking awesome when it comes to interacting with her crowd, like the time she handed a front stage show-goer the mic to sing “Four Five Seconds” with her and was totally wow-ed by his voice.

Check her reaction to his skills:

This is why I want to be Rihanna. Her reaction to the bra tossing isn’t perfect just because she’s able to laugh about her tits and cheap underwire, it’s also because throwing things on stage while a band or performer is trying to fucking work is annoying as hell for everyone.

Seriously, what if some creep who had a crush on you in the office just randomly tossed thongs and bras and flowers at you while you sat at your desk just trying to get through the fucking shift?

There are two things about undergarments being thrown on stage. It means you either went and bought an extra one to toss and wasted your money on some stupid shit, or you took your own bra or underwear off and threw them, wasting your own shit. I’m all about freeballing, but at the end of the night, do you want some weird janitor from the stadium like manhandling your worn underwear or sweaty ass bra (because if you’re at a crowded concert, boob sweat is a thing). I do not.

I think Oasis’ Noel Gallagher is a total dirtbag, but when he told a fan to stop throwing shit on stage or he would walk off, he was goddamn right to do so. Axl Rose once thanked a crowd for not throwing things. It’s distracting and stupid. I guess in the ’80s throwing your bras at a metal band was a way to let them know you’d be DTF backstage, but that’s not a thing, anymore. Rihanna wasn’t going to be like, “Oh, cool thanks. Let’s go roll a blunt together,” after getting a shitty Hanes Her Way bra (or whatever crap) thrown at her.

Rihanna doesn’t want your bra or anything else. Leave that woman alone.