Kimye Hosted “Soul Food Sunday” With Saint And Their Famous Friends

On Sunday, entertainment’s royal couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, hosted a soul food night for some of their most famous friends, the likes of which included comedian Kevin Hart and former E! News host Terrence J. The dinner was lovingly cooked by Kardashian-West herself and featured a full spread of mouth-watering and foolproof comfort foods such as fried chicken, biscuits, and sweet potato soufflé. “We are going to do a cooking thing on my app,” Kardashian-West shared on Snapchat before launching into full meal preparation mode. Her series of Snapchats included a rare sneak peek of her and West’s 7-month-old son, Saint, who the couple has been adamant about keeping out of the spotlight so far.

Those following the Snaps could hear passing praise from Hart, who at one point teasingly complimented Kardashian-West saying, “I thought you had some tuna casserole and some caviar — I didn’t know you had chicken over here.” Their other guest, Terrence J, echoed Hart’s approval of Kardashian-West’s cooking at one point, chiming, “You made me a believer,” to which Hart added, “You did that.”

Whether their belief transcends Kardashian-West’s cooking abilities and enters realms of spirituality is to be seen, perhaps at the next soul food night (if the West family chooses to host another, that is).

While West himself stayed pretty silent during the couple’s soul food night, his approval and appreciation of the food provided was made apparent through his clean dinner plate and his silent agreement with the other guests. Perhaps for the duration of this dinner, West needed some time to decompress and silently eat his wife’s comfort food while considering the socio-political implications of Famous.

While the food sounds like a satisfying cornucopia of crowd favorites, the highlight of Sunday for most of the Snapchat viewers and Kimye creeps galore was catching a glimpse of the peaceful and well-loved Saint cuddling with his mom with a belly full of infant chill.

After filling up on food and clowning for the camera, the group of guests played a game of Cards Against Humanity, which I imagine could get particularly entertaining given the fact that the guest list is all famous enough to garner their very own cards. I wonder how much longer the celeb parents will be able to shield Saint before he is featured on his very own Card Against Humanity card.

Only time will tell.