How To Donate To DeRay Mckesson And Other Black Lives Matter Protestors

Black Lives Matter protests in multiple cities over the weekend quickly escalated when cops decked out in riot gear arrested hundreds of people. If you want to help the movement from afar (or while protesting yourself), there are ways to donate to DeRay Mckesson and other Black Lives Matter protestors taken into custody. Mckesson, one of the most widely-known voices of the Black Lives Matter movement, was arrested Saturday night in Baton Rouge while protesting the death of Alton Sterling and was released on bond Sunday afternoon, garnering outrage from those closely following the protests. There was a fund set up to help Mckesson and other Louisiana protesters meet bail and cover all of their subsequent legal expanses, because getting arrested gets really expensive.

During a phone interview with The New York Times following his release, Mckesson said he believed his arrest was unlawful and just another one of the police force’s mass arrests intended to instill fear in protesters. Booking records show that authorities filed Mckesson’s arrest as an “obstruction of a highway of commerce” because he allegedly ignored an officer’s request to stay off the road. However, Mckesson and other protesters arrested over the weekend (which topped 160 people nationally) claim all arrest charges were fabricated in order to justify mass arrests and shut down peaceful protesting.

Mckesson said in his interview with The New York Times:

“The police want protesters to be too afraid to protest, which is why they intentionally created a context of conflict, and I’ll never be afraid to tell the truth. What we saw in Baton Rouge was a police department that chose to provoke protesters to create, like, a context of conflict they could exploit.”

In lieu of the arrests, the Louisiana National Lawyers Guild stared a crowdfunding page to help Mckesson and other Baton Rouge protesters called “The Baton Rouge Bail Fund,” which topped out it’s original goal of $15,000 in days, and is now climbing toward a new goal of $300,000.

Over the past week, there were more than 312 arrests at Black Lives Matter protests nationwide, so I’ve compiled some other bail and support funds you can donate to if you want to help those arrested, the families of the black men whose deaths were being protested, or the Black Lives Matter movement in general.

The Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Fund

Following the Wednesday night shooting of Philando Castile, protestors in Minneapolis have been mobilizing in masses, shutting down highways, and facing arrests at rapid rates in response. This fund was spearheaded by Black Lives Matter to cover bail for protesters in Minneapolis.

The Black Lives Matter Chicago Bail Fund

Chicago was one of the cities hit heaviest with arrests during the Black Lives Matter protests over the weekend, and the Chicago Community Bond Fund has set up a fund specifically to help protesters get out of jail.

The Philando Castile Family Fund

This GoFundMe was established by Castile’s sister as the family goes through this hell of immense grieving, and other crowdfunding pages set up for the family are now requesting people donate to this one.

The Alton Sterling Family Fund

The comedian and actress most well-known for her show Awkward Black Girl started a college fund for the children of Sterling a few days ago, and it’s already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Black Youth Project

It’s crucial not only to mobilize protesters and families of victims of police brutality, but to also cultivate and fund the futures of black youth who are dedicated to activism, art, and creating justice and freedom for all black people. The Black Youth Project is focused on this exactly, and donating to the organization will support current and future young protestors.