An Anti-Abortion Group Plans To Protest At Both Party Conventions, As If We Needed More To Dread

As if the 2016 election needed more fodder for long blood-curdling screams into the abyss, the anti-abortion group Created Equal has announced that it intends to fly a 50 by 100 foot banner of aborted fetus parts at both the GOP and Democratic conventions later this month. Because nothing makes you want to give birth to a baby more than a throng of angry conservatives flying seemingly photoshopped horrors in your face.

Unsurprisingly, the intentions behind Created Equal appearing at both the GOP and Democratic conventions are essentially parallel manifestations of the same desire to stop abortion completely by both shaming women out of abortions and encouraging pre-existing Republican aims to defund Planned Parenthood. While the concept of Created Equal flying their bloody banners of fear and misinformation anywhere doesn’t strike me as logical, regardless of political affiliation or context, it makes more sense for them to show up at the Democratic Convention in order to convert and terrify people who disagree with their values than it does for them to preach to the choir of equally pro-life Republicans. But nevertheless, they want to make sure everyone sees their gross banners.

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, this isn’t the first time Created Equal has made waves. Back in 2014 the passionate group became distraught when they were forbidden from screening an abortion procedure on a Jumbotron in Texas, because sadly for them, most of the residents of San Antonio aren’t actively seeking out films of medical procedures.

For those still unconvinced of the level of political drama inherent in Created Equal, they hashtagged their hell-poster antics #TheResistance. I think the most terrifying thing to imagine about this whole scenario is how much this will encourage the levels of horrible already planned for the Republican Convention, which now includes a speech from Ted Cruz.

On a separate but relevant note: Created Equal won’t be the only organized spectacle of protesters. Photographer Spencer Tunick, known for taking portraits of massive gatherings of naked people, is sticking to his theme of nudity and calling on 100 intrepid women to pose nude at the Republican National Convention July 17. The women will each be holding up a mirror to symbolize the “knowledge and wisdom of progressive women and Mother Nature herself,” as explained on his website.

Unsurprisingly, there is already a bit of pre-emptive backlash to Tunick’s work, which only fuels the fire.

Few demonstrations could bring as much confusion and beauty to the Republican National Convention as the potential meeting between Tunick’s army of gutsy women and Created Equal’s banner of anti-choice horror. I’m making the popcorn right now.