Kevin G. From ‘Mean Girls’ Is Now A Chalk Artist (Who’s Also Super Hot)

Hello. Do you remember the seminal film Mean Girls (this is a trick question because of course you do)?! Are you ready to feed the love-shaped void inside your heart? Hopefully the answer is yes, because the actor who played Kevin G. is now a chalk artist who is doing quite well making his art in Toronto. Also, he is fucking hot.

While Kevin G. stood out as the relatable, but creepy high schooler just trying to let his emcee abilities shine for the ladies, actor Rajiv Surendra himself is just trying to let his chalk artwork and calligraphy shine (while he also glows of the sex appeal unique to famous actors who opt for a quieter more artistic life path).

Apart from the mere novelty attached to tracking where he is now, his artwork stands on its own and has been featured in The New York Times, as well as other major publications. He has rightfully been garnering followers on his art Instagram,[email protected], which is not to be confused with his personal Instagram page,[email protected], that focuses primarily on documenting all the smoldering ways the sun hits his face and his various world travels.

While I must admit that I was initially disappointed that he hasn’t returned to the tumultuous world of acting since his break-out role in Mean Girls, it appears that he’s living out Kevin G.’s mantras of creative expression and charming bravado, which is a far better life path than most actors take. Plus, if he wanted to return to the screen, he’s cultivated an even more Hollywood-esque look.

I bet Cady is beating herself up now for missing the opportunity to partner with a focused-yet-playful calligrapher like Surendra, but hey — maybe it’s not too late for the fictional pair to unite through some meeting of Lindsay Lohan and Surendra.

While greater entities in the universe work on making this fictional movie couple a thing, I’m just grateful there are multiple outlets through which I can now spy on Kevin G.’s transformation from rapping mathlete to hot artist.

Pencil #sketch #architecture #toronto

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Perhaps Cady’s romantic rejection in Mean Girls created the well of inspiration that Surendra needed in order to live his best life as a flush chalk artist with a predilection for taking attractive pictures of himself. Perhaps that assessment is way off base — maybe there is just a churning darkness in Surendra that only makes itself known through ornate calligraphy.

Either way, it’s great to see he’s doing so well.