E-Cigarettes Have Been Exploding In People’s Faces And Causing Serious Injuries

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do (OK, quitting anything is hard as shit), but now e-cigarettes are reportedly exploding in people’s faces, making it even more terrible. I mean, it’s hard to take anyone with an e-cig seriously, and now that they could potentially blow up in your face, maybe it’s better to take your chances with the patch or hypnosis. The models people are suing over are all manufactured in China and include Sigelei, iPV Technology Co., and Kangertech, so it’s not like one freak accident. This shit keeps happening. One woman said after her e-cig exploded, there was battery acid all over the place, causing burns and dental damages, according to the The Los Angeles Times.

That is some serious shit. Another person had to have a finger amputated and another had to have surgery on their tongue. An attorney for the man who had to have an amputation told The Los Angeles Times, “E-cigarette explosions are becoming all too common as this industry is taking off.” This is happening all over the country. In California there are three suits that are currently on-going. According to The Wall Street Journal, there are “dozens” of lawsuits in Florida and New York, among other states.

“Consumers have the right to expect that products have been properly designed, manufactured, and tested for safety before they are put into the marketplace,” he added. Seriously, right? Having your finger cut off is better than lung cancer, but it’s still brutal.

The e-cig industry makes about $3.7 billion a year and is pretty unregulated, hence the devices just blowing the fuck up in people’s faces. It’s mainly because demand for the products has spiked recently and they’re pretty much being rushed in from China with no one checking that they’re safe. And the big pain in the ass is that it’s hard to get justice for the injuries since they’re all Chinese manufacturers. According to Buzzfeed, lawyers are focusing on suing the distributors and smoke shops that sell the e-cigs, which is really pretty shitty if you think about it.

It’s not the smoke shops’ fault the batteries overheat and hurt people. But the Food and Drug Administration could start regulating them more to prevent these disasters. This year, the FDA “finalized a rule” to better regulate e-cigs and ENDS, or electronic nicotine delivery systems that includes the “manufacture, import, packaging, labeling, advertising, promotion, sale, and distribution of ENDS.” Technically, that should mean the devices should stop blowing up. Eventually.

So that’s a step, but it’s not getting anyone their finger back. E-cigs already make you look like a tool, and suing small businesses for the sins of huge manufacturers is even more of a dick move. Maybe it’s time to move on from e-cigs.