Theresa May Could Be The One To Lead Britain Through Brexit, And It Won’t Be Easy

One of the biggest questions surrounding Brexit is who the hell is supposed to clean up the mess created by leaving the European Union, and Britain might be very to close to an answer. It looks very probable that Theresa May might lead Britain through Brexit, and she doesn’t have an easy job ahead of her at all. In fact, the whole Brexit situation seems like a very, very bad mistake an entire country made while having some cheeky pints after a hard day’s work. Seriously, the next time you look at your call history or checking account on a Sunday morning, just take comfort in the fact that you didn’t unknowingly vote to secede from the European Union.

The Brits did, however, and Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down immediately afterwards, wiping his hands clean of the entire situation and leaving Britain to deal with the Brexit blues without him. The men who led the Brexit movement, like ex-London mayor Boris Johnson, want nothing to do with the long, drawn out, very complicated process of actually stepping out of the EU. In fact, Johnson ghosted the pro-Brexit voters after basically ordering them tequila shots, just to run with oversimplified bar metaphor.

So, it looks like May is the next runner up. She’s been called a “bloody difficult woman,” which, in my experience, usually means a woman who knows what the fuck she’s doing, and maybe Britain needs that right now.

The New York Times opened their piece on May talking about her diabetes and weight, which is a pretty foul move. But once you get past that, it sounds like May is a British Hillary Clinton-Elizabeth Warren hybrid. She was raised middle class and worked her up through politics. She says of herself, according to The New York Times, “I know I’m not a showy politician. I don’t tour the television studios. I don’t gossip about people over lunch. I don’t go drinking in Parliament’s bars.” That sounds like a good thing, because Brexit overall seems like a bad decision a bunch of men came up with over pints.

On Tuesday, Britain decided among five candidates who will lead the country through the Brexit process, and May, a Tory candidate won the Conservative party vote with 165 parliamentary votes, beating her main rival, Andrea Leadsom, who just got 66 votes. The two women knocked the three male candidates (almost) out of the race — Michael Gove had 48 votes, Stephen Crabb had 34, and Liam Fox had just 16. Another vote will take place, but it looks like it’s May and Leadsom are the ones with an actual shot at winning. According to The Telegraph, it’s especially embarrassing for Gove, who had trash talked Boris Johnson (and vice versa) during the Brexit dispute.

May seems ready, though. She told The Guardian, “There is a big job before us: to unite our party and the country, to negotiate the best possible deal as we leave the EU, and to make Britain work for everyone.”

May’s been compared to Germany’s Angela Merkel and Britain’s past prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. May was an advocate for staying in the EU, but said on Thursday that “Brexit means Brexit,” according to The New York Times. She means, once you drunk dial about a late-night run for burritos, you better follow through and get extra sour cream.

Of course, the vote to leave the EU is much more important and insane than a late-night burrito craving, but from an outsider’s perspective, someone who voted “in” but is willing to see the country “out,” seems interesting. She might be “steely,” as The New York Times described her, but what the hell? We’re going to have to vote for Clinton (or Donald Trump, but seriously?) come November. Maybe a Clinton-Merkel-May coalition is what the world needs right now. They’re all pretty boss, even if you don’t like them.