Hillary Clinton Would Fill Half Her Cabinet With Women — Let’s Just Hope That Includes Diverse Women

It’s official: if the Democratic Party wins the presidential election, half of Hillary Clinton’s potential Cabinet will be women — the highest proportion of women ever to hold Cabinet positions. This groundbreaking news emerged Friday in The New York Times, backed up by interviews with her supporters, aides, and close friends, and would be a big jump from Obama’s Cabinet, which is only 35 percent women, but sadly the highest proportion of women to serve on a presidential Cabinet to date. It’s an even bigger jump from Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush, whose Cabinet was only 23 percent women.

As Clinton told MSNBC in April, “I am going to have a Cabinet that looks like America, and 50 percent of America is women.” To make good on this pledge, Clinton may look beyond Capitol Hill and traditional corporations to newer sectors such as digital technology; for instance, Sheryl Sandberg’s name has been floated as a possible appointment by The New York Times.

Actually, if Clinton pushes this further, she could put together a Cabinet that’s well over 50 percent women. There are loads of capable, driven women out there who could make excellent Cabinet officials. Let’s see how the men like being in the minority for a change. Then again, she may be keeping the numbers at 50 percent for now with the intent of bumping them up later, in order to not scare the shit out of the sadly considerable voting bloc that doesn’t like Trump but is also scared of women.

Women In World Summit Held In New York
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Praise for Clinton’s decision has come from numerous quarters, such as former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, who told The New York Times, “There’s that old saying, ‘Nothing about us without us.'” In other words, if laws affecting women are getting discussed, we damn well better be there.

However, one major question not yet answered is whether “looking like America” will also extend to the racial makeup of Clinton’s Cabinet. It’s an issue that really needs addressing, since Clinton is unfortunately problematic, to say the least, on matters of racial justice, both at home and abroad. Although there’s speculation that Clinton may retain Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who is the first black woman appointed to the position and slammed the shit out of North Carolina’s anti-trans bathroom law, there’s no word on other potential appointees of color.

Pro-Choice Supporters Rally In DC Against Restrictive Abortion Laws
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A gender-equal Cabinet would of course be a positive step forward for America. With women in senior positions of power, we could look forward to laws that don’t penalize women for having uteruses or sex drives, and that actively combat the discrimination women face in every sector of society. We are also what America looks like. Think of what we could all achieve in a presidential Cabinet with the largest proportion of women in our country’s history — let just hope this includes women of color too.