A Brexit Dating Site Is Helping Brits Fuck Through The Political Chaos

For British millennials devastated by the U.K.’s decision to break up with the European Union, it can be difficult to talk to someone who voted to leave, let alone fuck them. Thankfully, a tech savvy Brit with this is mind created a Brexit dating site for those who voted to remain in the EU. Launched Tuesday, Better Together Dating is free and boasts a logo of the EU flag with hearts instead of stars. Literally any situation can be turned into an opportunity to bone.

The app’s website says, “Love people, love Europe,” and, “We made Better Together Dating to bring those who want to go far away, closer together.” Manchester startup M14 Industries — the same geniuses behind Bristlr, basically Tinder for bearded men and people into that — had the brilliant idea. The Android app dropped Thursday and an iOS version is in the works for next week. Like Tinder, you can only chat with someone once you’ve matched, though you do fill out a bit more information that just a short “about me.” You join using either an email address or Facebook account, and if you want to hook up with some like-minded Brexit voters in your area, you should sign up ASAP.

Britain Reacts To The EU Referendum Result
CREDIT: Mary Turner/Getty Images

Better Together Dating is obviously kind of a joke, but could actually be a hit, since most young Brits voted to remain in the EU — a whopping 75 percent of 18 to 24 year olds. Since people in the age group already use lots of dating apps (and are horny AF) switching from Tinder to a more specific Brexit dating app wouldn’t be that big of a jump.

This isn’t the first politically-themed dating service either. Last month, American singles were blessed with TrumpSingles.com, a dating site exclusively for people who plan to vote for The Donald in November. Honestly, there’s nothing worse than going on a date with someone who has the exact opposite political beliefs as you, since you won’t agree on a single thing and will most likely detest everything they stand for. TrumpSingles.com hopefully removed some pro-Trump daters from Tinder so the rest of us aren’t subjected to their racist, sexist, and bigoted rhetoric (though I really don’t want to know what kind of pick up lines men on TrumpSingles.com are flooding women’s inboxes with).

Brexit is the Donald Trump of the U.K., so it only makes sense that dating services would arise for the two extremely divisive political topics. Have fun trying to date away the Brexit blues, Brits.