An Adorable Yearbook Photo Of “Barry” Obama Shows He’s Always Been An Activist

There’s no shortage of evidence President Obama is the wokest POTUS we’ve had in recent history. He’s an unapologetic feminist who’s passionately stood up for everything from reproductive rights to body positivity, kept up with and consistently offered his support to Black Lives Matter activists, led the push for racist terms like “oriental” and “Negro” to be removed from federal laws, and consistently stood with the Muslim community whenever it’s faced with bigotry and scapegoating from the Donald Trumps of the world. He’s not just a politician, but a progressive activist who isn’t afraid of fighting the good fight. And there’s some new — or, rather, very old — evidence that he’s always been like this. Behold: a yearbook picture of Obama participating in a protest against a societal evil as old as time — homework.

The photo resurfaced on Reddit when one user, Brokenwhale, claimed to have found a photo with a label including the name “Barry Obama” in his dad’s yearbook from the 70s. According to Brokenwhale, his father was aware that he’d attended the same Hawaiian elementary school as Obama, but never realized until very recently that they’d attended at the same time. Finding the adorable vintage picture was apparently as simple as checking “out the yearbook and boom; there he was.”

In the picture, Obama appears to be carrying a sign that reads “On Strike” as he and his classmates protest homework assignments and, according to Mic, something called “Boys Liberation,” which sounds an awful lot like the detestable, misogynistic, and childish “Meninism” movement. But, hey, at least they’re little boys as opposed to grown men. At any rate, I’m glad that all these years later Mr. Barry Obama is a proud feminist.

Some Reddit users like PhilMcCoq pointed out the futility of the protest, writing, “We still have homework, though. Thanks, Obama.” Another named the movement “#OccupyHomework.”

It might just be that Obama changed his mind and came to regard homework as a necessary evil while grinding out papers at Harvard Law School, but who knows? Obama has always been vocal about his support for education reform and less standardized testing, and maybe in these last few months of his term he’ll finally act on his childhood passion.