Watch David Tennant Read Scottish Hate Tweets To Donald Trump On ‘Full Frontal’

Samantha Bee just might be the best late-night host on TV. The Full Frontal host brought in popular Scottish actor David Tennant to read mean tweets about Donald Trump from Scots, and it was hilarious. Several days ago, the world was set on fire with the announcement that Britain will leave the European Union — aka Brexit. The decision caused a social media battle between the Republican presidential candidate, who applauded the decision, and Scottish Twitter users who were horrified.

Trump visited Scotland for the re-opening of one of his golf courses when he decided to comment on his support of Brexit on Twitter. He applauded Scotland for “taking their country back” and said the possible immigration restrictions would be a plus for the country. It was obvious Trump hadn’t done his homework on the vote, because Scotland actually voted to stay in the European Union. His confusion made a bad situation much worse — after all, there were already Nazi golf balls and “Trump Is A Cunt” signs at his Scotland golf course. He posted the now-infamous tweet that said, “Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!,” and opened the floodgates for a good ole dragging session from people across the globe.

The best replies to Trump’s ignorant tweet were from Scottish people themselves. They let out a string of scathing tweets and opened the doors to an unprecedented new level of cursing. The Donald was compared to several fruits and vegetables and called names that I have never heard a day in my American life. It was a great moment in Twitter history, and we should all be glad we were alive to witness the splendor.

When Bee decided to address Brexit and Trump vs. Scottish Twitter on Full Frontal, she brought a few of the popular tweets to life with a famous Scottish voice. Tennant, who is known for his previous role as The Doctor on the iconic British sci-fi show Doctor Who, made an appearance to read the tweets aloud. On Doctor Who, Tennant used an English accent to play a time and space traveling humanoid alien (explaining this show is a whole ‘nother post), but his natural accent is Scottish. As an obsessed Doctor Who fan, it was funny as fuck to hear him call Trump a numpty and ludicrous tangerine ballbag with all the vigor of a Scotsman.

Bee finished the segment by jokingly asking Tennant if he could go back in time and save Britain. She then showed a clip of the actor in a dramatic Doctor Who scene where he declared there was no going back. Check out the tweet reading at the 5:20 mark:

Bee also warned Americans to not make the same mistake in November and urged people to get out and vote — otherwise, our next president will be a witless fucking cocksplat.