A Pregnant Wendy’s Employee Was Beaten By Customers Over Straws. Yes, Straws.

People have lost their damn minds. A pregnant Wendy’s employee was beaten by drive-thru customers because she allegedly forgot to give them straws with their order. Yes, this is a true story. According to KCTV, Victoria Repine, an employee at an Independence, Missouri Wendy’s, she was working the drive-thru when a purple Dodge Charger came up to the window. The customers accused Repine of not putting straws in their bag and she responded by telling them the straws were in fact in the bag, but a witness claimed she was then dragged through the window by two women and attacked by a third person. Another employee claimed she told the attackers to stop because Repine was pregnant, however, the assault continued. Repine was taken to a local hospital with two black eyes and scratches on her face, neck, and arms. The assailants left the restaurant and have yet to be caught by the police.

The attacked Wendy’s employee, who is three months pregnant, was relieved to find out her unborn child was doing fine. Her mother is understandably angry about the assault. Like any sane person, she wonders how the hell something as trivial as a straw leads to a fight. Heather Saldeco, Repine’s mom, told KCTV: “If you would do something like this over straws and ketchup, I’d hate to see what you would do to somebody if you were really upset.”

But, every story has two sides, and this one is no different. As we all know, there are cameras everywhere – including the drive-thru at any restaurant. The recently released drive-thru video shows a clear altercation between Repine and the unknown customers, however, it’s clear that Repine CLIMBS THROUGH the window on her own to continue the fight outside. It appears her co-worker is trying to de-escalate the situation, but it still got out of control.

While it’s obviously wrong for a customer to start a physical fight with a customer service employee, Repine has to claim some responsibility for going out of the window and putting herself in more danger. I get it – it’s hard to make sound decisions after someone has hit you for no damn reason, but it would have been better to close the window and protect yourself from harm. In no way does it excuse the customers’ asinine behavior, but climbing out of a window and putting yourself at risk, especially while pregnant, is not a good move.


When I was 19, I worked at a fast food restaurant while I was in college and witnessed a man come into the restaurant and curse out the entire front line of employees because he had gotten a regular Coke instead of a diet Coke. I have had a woman lean into the drive-thru window to demand that I come out of the restaurant to clean her car after she angrily snatched a milkshake out of my hands and spilled it in her seat. I’ve had people scream at me and say they are missing ketchup when it was in the bag (sidenote: I just gave them extra packets so they would shut up and move on). So, I understand how idiotic and horrible people can be toward fast food employees whom they perceive as “beneath” them. If you are one of these people who thinks it is OK to act like a moron, then please delete yourself from this planet.

Wendy’s released a statement to express their sympathy for her injuries and to let the public know they are working with the authorities during the investigation. Repine was released from the hospital and is at home with her 1-year-old daughter. This whole situation appears to be yet another senseless violent act with wrongdoing on both sides of the fence (er, window).