A New Study Reveals The Sexist Truth About Applying For Jobs As A Woman

A recent study out of the Sarbonne in Paris revealed that women get more jobs when they wear low-cut tops, pretty much confirming every bullshit concept women and girls know about society and expectations about “femininity.” The study was presented this week at the Appearance Matters conference in London, which is actually pretty fucking awesome sounding. The conference deals with issues surrounding body image, eating disorders, weight loss surgery, and all of the other things you aren’t supposed to talk about at the dinner table. But the results of this one study, run by Paris researcher Dr. Sevag Kertechian, are pretty terrible and reaffirm the depressing truth that horny men run the world.

Over the course of three years, Dr. Kertechian put two women up for the same jobs advertised online. They were both similar looking and have, of course, the same skills and resumes. But in their application photographs (which is already kind of a weird thing to ask for), he put one in a cleavage bearing top and the other in a crew neck. He put each woman up for 100 jobs in each top, so both women were each put forward as the “conservatively dressed” applicant and the one who had a deep v-neck situation going on.

Guess what he found out — HR personnel were more attracted to the candidate in the low-cut shirt across the board in various industries. For 200 sales jobs, the woman wearing the low-cut top received 62 more interviews than the other woman. For 200 accounting applications, there were 68 more offers.

Cue the collective groan and kicking of doors, because this is fucking rage inducing. It’s even more infuriating because, well, didn’t you always just know that was true deep down? I just had a flashback to my first internship interview at a local TV station as a news writer and my then-boyfriend balking at the button down shirt I wore (over dark jeans with heels — by the way, I looked awesome). He joked I should wear something to show off my tight ass (thanks, ex-boyfriend, you were always good about that). Did I get the job because my ass looked particularly good that fall? Or did they notice I was smart as hell and amazing? I will never know.

That’s what’s fucking gross about this study. Dr. Kertechian puts it best, “The results were quite shocking and negative but not necessarily surprising – they show we need to conduct more research.” Maybe. I mean, when you apply for a job with a photo, at least in America, it means that accountant job is not really an accountant job.

So more research in professional settings with in-person interviews might be necessary. Because while I sort of expect that kind of behavior in the shitty restaurant industry or other customer service fields, when I apply for a job, I’m not thinking about my boobs. Or whether I might get a callback because I was fucking cute. I didn’t go into boatloads of debt for two degrees to get a callback because of my neckline or be ogled when wearing a v-neck.

This study makes me so mad. I say everyone rock a crop top to your next big interview in protest. And hopefully the company’s run by smart women who will also pay you fairly and ask wear you bought it.