A Bernie Sanders Video Game About His Presidential Campaign Is Coming Your Way

Late last year, a web-based arcade game called “Bernie’s Arcade,” which Bernie Sanders released ahead of his 2006 Vermont Senate run, resurfaced on the internet. Imagine everyone’s collective excitement upon learning they could fly in an eco-friendly hydrogen-fueled plane as Sanders, while dodging the “extreme right wing,” enormous bags of “special-interest money,” mudslingers, and, for whatever reason, fat cats with the push of one’s arrow keys. It would appear Sanders’ presence in the video game world is about to grow even more — amateur video game designer and avid Sanders supporter Gerald Smith launched a Kickstarter June 3 to fund an RPG video game based on Sanders’ presidential campaign called “Bernie’s Journey.”

Smith, who identified himself as a video game fanatic, described a video game centered around his “hero” and the “best of both worlds,” asking fellow Sanders supporters or anyone who wants to see an animated Sanders travel the country aspiring at the presidency to help him reach his goal of $2,000, which he’s already surpassed. The game, which will be available for both PC and mobile devices, will be set, obviously in the United States, and Smith told supporters on his Kickstarter page that more than 50 cities will be designed to play specific pivotal roles in the game.

Unlike Sanders’ original arcade game, “Bernie’s Journey” will follow a defined story line that involves everything from debates and the political media to conflicts with rival Hillary Clinton and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. However, similar to Sanders’ 2006 browser game, I would imagine “Bernie’s Journey” will feature the candidate dodging special interest money, fighting for economic equity, and supporting eco-friendly initiatives in some capacity, although this probably won’t involve flying a hydrogen-fueled plane. “This game will be both educational, and at the same time absolutely funny,” the Kickstarter page says.

As Sanders has all but conceded, acknowledging that he will not be the nominee and stating that he intends to vote for Clinton in the general election, supporters of his political revolution are already looking to the future, either by running for office or campaigning for fellow progressives to take over Congress. For his predominantly millennial supporters who might understandably lack the energy to do either but aren’t quite ready to let go of Sanders, “Bernie’s Journey” is a perfect fit.

The game is slated for a late 2017 release date, and Smith has assured us some of the proceeds will go to Sanders himself.