12 Amazing Tweets Bashing #HeterosexualPrideDay, Because Sometimes An Eye Roll Isn’t Enough

From the same small-minded, ill-informed people who brought you the hashtag #AllLivesMatter, comes a brand new hashtag that is beyond insensitive. Some people are tweeting #HeterosexualPrideDay with real sincerity, while others fire back against this ludicrous concept. The tweets beautifully bashing #HeterosexualPrideDay are the ones I want to bring to your attention.

The internet has become a place where the LGBTQ community and their allies can praise, mourn, celebrate, share, and spread their own inspiring stories. This has always been the case, but the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando has sparked a renaissance when it comes to spreading the love and driving home the idea of equality. Our social media feeds have been as colorful and vibrant as the rainbow flags popping up in front of homes and businesses.

With the spread of love, unfortunately, also comes bigots and internet trolls who pop up here and there. Although most of the tweets I have found using the hashtag are criticizing the concept and defending the reasons behind Pride, alas, I have found a few to be sincere messages that were just disturbing. I’m not about to call attention to those idiots — instead, let’s celebrate those who are coming back at the trolls with fierce wit and intention.

What’s Next?

Maybe Think About This For A Minute

What Would #HeterosexualPrideDay Festivities Be?

Probably Something Like This…

I’m confused on why these people feel the need to ‘celebrate’ in the first place? What could they possibly be celebrating? How hard it was to tell their parents they were straight?

On The Shit Straight People Don’t Hear

Delete. Your. Account.

On Filtering Your Friends

On Allies’ Responses

Here we have a response from Gabe Ikard, a straight white NFL player, who managed to tweet as any ally . He acknowledged the situation and yet didn’t make it about him. So there’s hope.

On Not Being The Center Of Attention

Heterosexual Pride Day Is Every Damn Day

These jokes are fun and all, but it’s important to take this kind of stuff seriously. It’s important to remember what Pride is and why it’s celebrated in the first place.

On What Gay Pride Is Really About

On Taking Away The Freedom Of Speech

Where It’s Illegal To Be Straight


These situations where people with such divided opinions are having an “open discussion” on social media are simultaneously inspiring and bleak. This is just another reminder to speak your truth. If you see somebody say or type something hateful, say something.