This Dad Trolled His Daughter’s Snapchat Photo In The Best Possible Way

Thanks to social media, dad jokes have now entered the digital world. Proving how entertaining this can be, one dad trolled his daughter’s Snapchat photo in the most hilarious way — when Cassie Martin used Snapchat’s leaf crown to enhance a selfie, her dad responded with some homemade style of his own. As one should when messing with their offspring over the internet, Martin’s dad went all in on the mockery of his daughter’s photo, with a delightfully crappy leaf crown, a white tank top pulled down to expose his man-cleavage, and a fake chest tattoo in Sharpie to complete the look. Showing true graciousness in defeat, Martin posted a side-by-side comparison to Imgur, so you can decide who wore it better. In all fairness, while Martin’s selfie is lovely, her dad gets about a billion points for sheer dedication. He even got the angle of her head spot-on.

This amazing dad is no stranger to taking selfie inspiration from his daughter — back in April, he copied her bedroom mirror selfie with his own crop top, patterned pants, and hand-drawn belly tattoo (which kind of looks like a confused dog if you squint). While his daughter might not find this hobby of his amusing, the rest of the world can enjoy his inventive parenting style.

He joins a growing complement of dads who seem to have mastered social media for the sole purpose of making fun of their kids’ selfies. Their leaders include this dad who went in on his daughter’s knife tattoo, or this dad who took some bro pics in the bathroom to show his son how a true baller rolls.

What’s next for Martin’s dad? If he discovers online gaming, a whole new world of trolling may open up for him, as it did for the Wisconsin dad who leaves his nineteen-year-old son amazing messages in Minecraft: “Stop getting expensive haircuts,” “I pooped in your bed,” and the savage “Why is this [bed] double wide? You don’t have a girlfriend.”

This is conclusive proof that introducing one’s parents to technology is a double-edged sword. Sure, we don’t have to walk them through composing a simple email twice a day, but they will use their newfound autonomy against us. It’s like when they used to show our baby pictures to our high school dates, except now the whole internet can see the embarrassing photos. Tech-savvy dads, we applaud you. You are the innovators, finding new ways to embarrass your children.

The thing is, though, some of us who grew up with the internet are parents now and are taking our cue from these dads. We know our way around Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social media platforms at our disposal. The new generation is not prepared for the ridiculousness we can unleash.