Teen Recreates Beyonce’s “Formation” Choreography For Priceless Prom Entrance

I always feel conflicted about the phrase “bitches be crazy,” but then I see something like this teen who recreated the Formation video for prom, and my only thought is: bitches be crazy. In the best fucking way possible, obviously. Because rolling out a red carpet, having two dancers replicate the exact Beyoncé choreo, and setting off a smoke machine before you make your grand entrance is boss as hell. There’s no other way to look at it. The unnamed teen’s prom entrance video has been making its way around Facebook, for good reason.

She fucking made it. She also must be a huge fan of Beyoncé — around the red carpet, she has placed yellow and black balloons in honor of Queen B, and she’s rocking a lemonade-colored dress. But the best part, the really really best part, is watching her date wait patiently for her to come out of the fucking house in front of friends and family. He’s not really smiling and doesn’t even bother to get into it. Maybe because she told him not to ruin her moment, but he looks more awkward than your average high school kid. And you know he’s thinking, “bitches be crazy for Beyoncé.”

There’s just something about the date’s lack of enthusiasm and just how much the dancers and this girl are slaying that sort of cracks me up. There’s a lot of uncomfortable silent moments in that front yard.

She’s not the only person to be inspired by Formation for prom, either. There’s also this adorable kid, Remar Scott, who used the Super Bowl halftime show version, with Bruno Mars, to ask his girl to the prom.

I mean, if a man gathers around 20 dancers and has them do this entire thing before rolling out a banner asking you to ride in a limo with him to the fucking prom, you go. I’m almost jealous. I just had a pothead mumble something under his breath and I pretended it was him asking me to the prom, so these these kids should feel lucky. Between a Beyoncé proposal and a Beyoncé send-off, it’s a lot of effort and a lot of energy to make prom be as cool as it is in the movies (it never, ever is).

The Beyoncé send-off dance might be my favorite, just because of how orchestrated it is. I just hope the date cheered up eventually — it’s hard when your better half is obviously the cooler one.