Democrats Released A Benghazi Report Ahead Of The Republican Version Bound To Be Highly Critical Of Hillary Clinton

In an attempt to beat Republicans at their own game, House Select Committee Democrats released a report on Benghazi Monday, getting their side of the story out first. The Republican majority on the committee is due to release a report concluding its years-long investigation into the 2012 attack soon that’s expected to place some blame on then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The Democrats’ report was essentially the party’s way of saying “enough already,” pushing their colleagues across the aisle to wrap up the costly investigation and preemptively disputing their findings. And, seriously, we’re all ready for this to be over.

“We hope our report will put to rest the conspiracy theories about Benghazi once and for all and return the focus to where it belongs — on the goal of improving the security of Americans serving abroad,” the one-sided report reads. The Democrats concluded that the U.S. military was not told by Clinton or anyone else to “stand down” or delay its response to the attack that killed four Americans, as Republicans allege. As prior congressional investigations found, the report blamed weak security and military resources at the American compound in Benghazi.

It also unsurprisingly defended Clinton’s honor, claiming Republicans were only using the investigation as an attack on her presidential campaign, and made several suggestions for improving the State Department’s security at facilities abroad, including recommending that Congress give the department more money for improvements.

Hillary Clinton Testifies Before House Select Committee On Benghazi Attacks
CREDIT: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

“We are issuing our own report today because, after spending more than two years and $7 million in taxpayer funds in one of the longest and most partisan congressional investigations in history, it is long past time for the Select Committee to conclude its work,” the Democrats wrote.

During Clinton’s 11-hour hearing in front of the committee in October, committee chair Trey Gowdy assured her the investigation was not about her personally. Nothing really seemed to come of the hearing, as Clinton and her aides didn’t reveal any shocking new details and the presidential hopeful kept her cool throughout the marathon questioning.

Oddly enough, the report mentioned Donald Trump multiple times, illustrating how he’s used the Benghazi attack against Clinton throughout the presidential race. So, in a report bashing Republicans for politicizing the deadly attack, Democrats further politicized it by bringing the GOP presumptive presidential nominee into the mix. That makes perfect sense.

Because this investigation has dragged on for so long, everyone just wants an answer already. Once the Republican report sees the light of day, presumably saying Clinton did numerous things wrong, hopefully the nation can move on and move forward. The two conflicting reports mean there won’t be a clear conclusion, but at least Congress can stop wasting time and money bickering about it.