Lindsay Lohan Has Strong Feelings About Brexit, And They Actually Make Sense

Thursday’s U.K. referendum marked a terrifying and historic moment for people living in Britain and the EU — and really the global economy at large. While many politically-minded people weighed in with thoughts and concerns, one of the more surprising pundits was Lindsay Lohan, who actively tweeted about Brexit all Thursday night.

For those uninitiated with the U.K. referendum and what “Brexit” means, last night there was a referendum in which the people of the U.K. voted to leave the European Union. The voter turnout was impressively high, with 71 percent of those eligible showing up (that is over 30 million people voting), and the vote to leave the EU barely won with 52 percent of the vote.

So, what does this mean exactly? Why does Lindsay Lohan care?! The far-reaching implications of the U.K. leaving the EU will obviously unfold over time, but it has already caused an immediate economic freak out, with the pound valued at its lowest point since 1985. There will be a two-year divorce period in which the full untangling of economic relations between the U.K. and EU are straightened out, and in lieu of the emotional and economic hell-scape to come, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, resigned. A replacement for him will be scouted and dragged into office by his or her bleeding ears by October, at least that’s what Cameron says.

After the polls closed Thursday night, the world waited all evening with pricked ears to hear the outcome, and Lohan tweeted up a storm, urging Britain to #BeSmart and stay in the economic block of the EU. While sadly, she has since deleted most of her rant, there are still some screenshots circulating the web that showcase her strong feelings about Britain’s frail economy and the need to stay in the EU.

Not only did she address the fact that the vote to leave the EU would propel the economic plummet of the pound, but she also addressed larger labor laws introduced into Britain by the EU. Immediately implemented to all countries under the EU, the European safety directives legally bind employers to limit worker hours (particularly in physical labor jobs), provide ample protective gear when needed in the workplace, consider the health limits of pregnant women and disabled workers, all with the threat of legal repercussions if not followed. Naturally, this created safer and more humane work environments across the EU.

Honestly, Lohan’s political convictions show that she’s been paying more attention than a lot of people. The fact that she felt such a strong reaction to the possibility (and now bleak reality) of Britain leaving the EU is proof that she’s aware of how intertwined their economic stability is with the global economy at large. These are traits Lohan has never received credit for.

Although the tweets were deleted, her sentiment remains, and as the star has been living in London with her boyfriend for the past year, her involvement in the British economy goes beyond conceptual and reaches into everyday life. If we could just get her to call up her twin and scheme to bring Britain and the EU back together, the global economy might believe in love once more.