PartyNextDoor Cut Drake From His “Come And See Me” Song And Video

There’s always drama around Drizzy. In today’s iteration, it looks like Drake was cut from PartyNextDoor’s Come and See Me video. He just dropped the video this week, though the song’s been around since March. When it was released, Drake had a verse on the track, but it’s since been replaced, and instead of a slow rap, there’s just the R&B singer. It sort of sucks because I always enjoy watching Drake bounce around in music videos (he’s great for GIFs), but instead there’s just Kylie Jenner walking around making tea and trying to booty call her reported IRL beau. Her appearance in the video and cutting Drake makes it totally official — the Kardashian-Jenners are fucking everywhere. The video also features Big Sean, Jhene Aiko, and Khloe Kardashian

It doesn’t seem like there’s any Meek Mill-style beef or anything going on between the two musicians. It’s more about the art. Mic reports that OVO Sound artists have a habit of cutting out other people’s hard work. Drake cut Jay Z and Kanye from tracks on Views From The 6, too. So he shouldn’t take it too personally. The two artists were originally on Pop Style, but “It didn’t play out how I wanted it to go,” Drake told Entertainment Weekly. “Sometimes [Jay Z and I] just fall on opposite sides of the spectrum,” he added.

So, all’s fair in love and the need to plug Jenner’s lip kits. Seriously — it’s a major part of the video. She walks around, tries to call her man, who chooses to hang with his crew, and then applies her shamelessly plugged lip gloss. It’s almost genius. I wonder how Drake feels about that. The whole song is about how he’s kinda pissed off that she never “comes to him.” But it all ends happily ever after with a rain make out session (after she wistfully applies makeup and stares out the window).

I hope her lipstick is waterproof.

In the song, PartyNextDoor says things are getting serious between him and his girl. The best lyric is probably, “Shit just got real, things are getting intense now / I hear you talkin’ ’bout we a lot, oh, you speak French now?” And in real life, shit is getting very real between the two stars.

A mysterious source from Us Weekly says that they are very much into each other. “They’re talking and texting nonstop,” the source said. Which is always the best part of any relationship, until people start bitching to each other about how one person is always doing the work. Gotta keep the commuting equal, Jenner. You don’t want his next song to have an angry Drake verse or something about you.