Adele’s ’25’ Album Is Finally Streaming On Spotify And Apple Music

In case you need a free melodic soundtrack to your weekend of furiously Googling what the EU and Brexit is, Adele’s 25 album is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, finally. For those who didn’t break down and “support the artist” by buying her album (we all know she makes more money from touring and winking whimsically at bankers anyways), the 11-track sprawl of intermittent sadness and contentment can now be streamed for free.

Beyond the obvious convenience of being able to listen to Adele sing whenever you want, the newly available streaming feature also speaks to a possible shift in Adele’s relationship with streaming services. While in the past she hasn’t expressed a firm stance of opposition to releasing her music for free, she has expressed reservations and originally declined to release 25 for streaming. The artist shared her views months ago in an interview with Time, saying: “I believe music should be an event. For me, all albums that come out, I’m excited about leading up to release day. I don’t use streaming. I buy my music. I download it, and I buy a physical [copy] just to make up for the fact that someone else somewhere isn’t. It’s a bit disposable, streaming.”

While I’m sure many are grateful for the access to her album, I am curious what swayed her decision.

It’s likely that Adele figures those who were going to purchase her album already have, and given the fact that her record sales surpassed 8 million copies in the U.S., alone she probably feels more peace about the idea of letting some listeners eavesdrop for free.

Another possible catalyst for her change of heart might be Apple’s new policy regarding their free music trials. Originally, they weren’t paying artists during the 3-month free music trial, which brought about understandable backlash from many artists and inspired Taylor Swift to pen a letter to Apple voicing her reasons for not releasing music with them and her disappointment at the position they were putting less wealthy musicians in.

Luckily, the resistance of musicians, including but not limited to Swift and Adele, helped turn the tides on Apple Music’s trial policy. I suspect that has a hand in Adele’s decision to allow her album on streaming now. However, it’s also possible that she found herself basking in the sun on a hammock when one of her handsome assistants approached her and whispered, “It’s time Adele, it’s time to let the people hear your voice.”

And so it was.