A Truck Full Of Popeyes Biscuits Crashed, And This Isn’t The Only Recent Food-Related Accident

The world is full of accidents, and only a small handful of them are delicious. I have to admit that my stomach immediately rumbled with desire when I heard about the truck that spilled 40,000 pounds of Popeye’s biscuits on a Mississippi highway Thursday morning, similarly to when other

The driver survived and was swiftly treated at a hospital for minor injuries while boxes bearing pounds of seductively buttery Popeye’s biscuits were transported to another truck for delivery. None of the biscuits themselves escaped their containers in order to dispense beautiful butter smells to the world, which is good for business and product loss, but lessens the poetics of this ridiculous accident.

According to WLOX News, the truck tipped over around 7 a.m. on Interstate 59 in Pearl River County, and traffic was swiftly diverted while the biscuits were placed in another truck and the driver was stabilized. The cause of the truck’s actual loss of balance is unknown, beyond the fact that driving 40,000 pounds of Popeye’s biscuits sounds dangerous in the first place. How is a truck supposed to effectively balance that many biscuits? Also, how do you not pull over every five minutes to unpack a box of delicious biscuits into your gaping mouth?!

Strangely enough, this wasn’t the first delicious truck spill in recent weeks. There have been a handful of tragic, yet hunger triggering, accidents in the past few weeks, some of which I’ve included below in case you missed their confusing beauty.

When Deli Meat And Bread Spilled Onto A New Jersey Highway

In what could truly be called a Meat-Cute, last Friday, a truck carrying meat collided with a truck carrying bread on Interstate 287 in New Jersey. If you’re going to have two trucks hit each other and spill all their ingredients, it’s incredibly convenient for both vehicles to carry complimentary sandwich ingredients. This is life providing a shit sandwich in the most absurd way. Luckily, beyond the emotional despondence that occurs when you see wasted sandwich ingredients on the side of the road, no humans were harmed.

When Beer And Chips Trucks Collided In Florida

It seems that out on the open highway, food trucks have a toxic magnetism to each other. They find each other on the road, realize their snacking compatibility, and then promptly collide. At least, that’s what happened back in March when a Busch beer truck crashed into a Frito-Lays truck on I-95 in Florida. While trying to swerve away from each other, two trucks lost control and hit each other (much like falling in love). Luckily, no one was injured.

When A Dominoes Truck Crashed On An Indianapolis Highway

Back in November, a Dominoes truck driver found theirself in a sticky situation when a Dominoes truck crashed into a highway overpass. The truck was transporting many bins of pizza dough that quickly leaked out of the truck and onto the sides of it, workers were forced to peel dough off the truck during the cleanup, which I imagine was harrowing as they knew it was unsanitary to consume. No one was injured.

If God is real and has any hand in what goes down on earth, then she is definitely a stoner taking great joy in all these munchie-related accidents.