This Music Video About The Clitoris Gives Some Much-Needed Attention To Female Anatomy

In a world full of songs about women’s asses and breasts, there is a song that covers new territory making waves on the internet. An educational video about the clitoris went viral on Facebook with a hella catchy techno-pop vibe. Singer/songwriter Dorian Electra decided to give the clitoris (aka the part of cisgender female body where the pleasure comes from) a little love when she created the video in conjunction with Refinery29. The song, officially titled Our Musical Ode to the Clitoris, dropped back in March, but it’s going viral again with an unforgettable chorus and Lady Gaga-esque visuals.

“The clitoris, it’s been a mystery,” the song says. “The clitoris, it’s my anatomy. The clitoris, much more than you can see. And if you get to know it, you can get to know me.”

The song’s lyrics tell the history of the clitoris, explaining how it was often overlooked in art, as well as how women’s sexual oppression played a major role in the lack of knowledge about an important part of the body. Electra’s words are spot on – in the late 1400s, a woman with an aroused clitoris could be accused of witchcraft. Later on in 1948, the 25th edition of Gray’s Anatomy (then an authority on human anatomy) erased the clitoris from illustrations.

The two doctors referenced in the clitoris music video were an actual sex research duo who studied sex acts in person to test clitoral and vaginal orgasms. However, the actual anatomy of a clitoris wasn’t fully discovered until 1998 by Helen O’Connell. Crazy, right? It’s really surprising that it took so long to uncover a pleasure zone for women with twice the number of sensitive nerve endings as a penis.

Now, thanks to Our Musical Ode to the Clitoris, we have hundreds of years of clitoris history in a little less than four minutes.

The clitoris music video throws a big middle finger toward the patriarchy, celebrates masturbation, throws shade at the almighty penis, and even shows the singer dressed as a clitoris at the end of the video. And, for those of us who want to learn all the words, the lyrics are at the bottom in a sing-along style with a cute little clitoris to help us follow along.

Who knew we needed this video so damn bad? Well, Electra knew. If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to Our Musical Ode to The Clitoris below and prepare to have this song stuck in your head for the next three to five days.

One more thing: did you know the word “clitoris” is derived from a Greek word that equates to “key?” Looks like the ancient people knew the real deal.