Drake Reportedly Cancels His Summer Sixteen Tour VIP Meet And Greets

No one is getting too close to the 6 God during Summer Sixteen — Drake reportedly canceled the VIP meet and greet packages on his upcoming tour, and some fans aren’t happy about it. The rapper is currently gearing up for the July start of his Summer Sixteen tour with fellow lyricist Future. Diehard Drizzy fans were more than willing to drop a cool 1K for the VIP packages when the tickets went on sale a few months ago since, among lots of exclusive merchandise and premium seats, the VIP packages included a coveted photo opportunity with Drake. But, a source revealed to People magazine that Drake officially pulled the plug on the photo opps due to logistical issues.

So far, Drake’s reps haven’t commented, but this decision would make sense for a couple reasons. First, the logistics issue is legitimate. Imagine the pure chaos it would be to get all of the VIP people in to the venue and keep the photo opp line running smoothly. And, trying to make sure that all the photos are completed in time for other fans to get in and get seated comfortably prior to the show could also be a nightmare. His team may not have thought the meet and greet all the way through and are realizing that it is going to cause problems at the venues. The traffic woes and process of getting fans into a venue is already hard enough without the extra hassle.

For example, Bey loves her Beyhive, but she didn’t do a meet and greet for the Formation World Tour. At the Bey tour stop I went to, we had to get there a couple hours early just to avoid traffic nightmares and it was still a process to get parked and to our seats. Bey is a smart woman who knew doing a meet and greet would mean she would have to come to the venue in her rollers with a morning cup of coffee, so she didn’t bother with the M&G and kept her focus on delivering an excellent show. Perhaps Drake is a following suit, because it’s always smart to follow the Queen.

Safety is also another important issue. Music artists are still reeling from the horrific murder of Christina Grimmie, who was doing a meet and greet with fans when she was shot by a crazed “fan.” The shocking incident surely has major artists like Drake on high alert. Yes, Drake is probably surrounded by top-notch security, but accidents can and do happen. Also… Drake has more than a few nutty fans (remember the girl who tattooed “DRAKE” on her forehead?) and unfortunately the creepy, nutty people are ruining it for normal fans who just want a picture with their favorite artist.

So, what’s going to happen to the sad fans who paid cash to snap a pic with the 6 God? They’ll receive a refund, but it’s unclear exactly how much money will be given back. After all, they still want their awesome seats and Summer Sixteen candles, right? Hopefully, this won’t stop fans from living it up at the concerts.