A Teacher Allegedly Sexted An 11-Year-Old Student, And People’s Responses Were Just Disgusting

Just when you think people can’t get any more vile, something happens to prove you otherwise. In the latest round of WTF news, a 21-year-old Orlando karate teacher allegedly sexted an 11-year-old student, and people’s responses were utterly disgusting. According to The Orlando Sentinel, the boy’s mom found out while checking the messages on his phone, like moms of preteens often do. She discovered several sexual messages that appeared to be from Stephanie Figueroa, inviting the 11 year old to her recent 21st birthday party, saying no one else would be there, and stating in one message, “I want to have sex with you.” The boy told the police his karate instructor had sent about 15 naked or partially naked photos of herself to him and had been flirting with him since February.

When Figueroa allegedly admitted to wanting to have sex with the boy via text, he rejected the disgusting message by saying, “OK IDC.” The teacher is currently being held without bond in an Orange County jail and faces charges of attempted lewd or lascivious conduct, solicitation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, showing minor obscene material, and child abuse. The police are trying to determine whether Figueroa has more alleged victims.

This incident should be disturbing to any adult with two working brain cells. But, one look at the responses to this story on Twitter proves that common sense is not so common after all. Several men made jokes about being jealous of the boy. What. The. Fuck.

These responses are too common, and it’s a serious problem. Young boys are often referred to as “lucky” when an adult woman preys on them sexually. Boys are often taught that their sexuality is tied to how masculine they are, and if they don’t engage in the “sexy teacher fantasy,” then there is someone “wrong” with them for not being completely driven by sexual desire. This is plain wrong and frankly insulting to young boys because – like all of us – they are complex, complete human beings. And, let’s not forget, they’re children. Sexting a minor is illegal and completely inappropriate, regardless of their gender.

A recent case of a middle school teacher accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student is yet another example of an “attractive” woman preying on a young student. The boy was given social media head nods and high-fives and, according to court documents, his family seemed to be accepting of the “relationship.” The foundation for what a healthy, normal relationship is has already been horribly skewed for this young teen, who has had to deal with the publicity of the sexual abuse and the punishment of an adult he trusted.

Proof of the negative effects of these situations is evidenced by Cameron Clarkson, who was harassed and blamed for “ruining” his teacher’s life after the sexual relationship was discovered. According to The Washington Post, Clarkson was sexually abused by his 25-year-old teacher when he was just 16, and he was diagnosed with depression years later as a college student. The fact that boys are noticeably aroused can be used to argue that it wasn’t abuse, as Clarkson told The Washington Post:

“I was asked [by lawyers] how something that ended in me ejaculating could possibly be abuse.”

When the situation is flipped, and it is an adolescent girl abused by an adult man, she is blamed for somehow “bringing the attention on herself” via her clothing choices or actions, when the blame solely rests on the creepy ass adult. Countless stories of male teachers preying on young girls, when some people seem to be more concerned about whether or not she was flirting with him or her sexual past than the actual incident, show how girls are shamed for an adult’s terrible choices.

Let’s place the blame and attention on the adults sexually abusing kids. Any predator, man or woman, who goes after a school-aged child should be seen for what they are – a predator and a sick sex offender. Adults have no business crossing sexual boundaries with kids. Period.