Stephen Colbert Brutally Bashes The Senate For Its Failure On Gun Control Reform

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, comedy is hard to produce and even enjoy, especially comedy surrounding the topic. Late-night hosts have a difficult task — it’s their job to poke fun at the news, but that can be excruciating when the news is no fun at all, even downright terrifying. Nevertheless, Stephen Colbert took on the Senate after gun control measures were voted down Monday, deciding to “drop the gloves” and get real.

At hockey games, everyone gets real excited when a player takes his gloves off because it signifies they’re about to fight and not hold back. Taking off your gloves is a warning of sorts that “I’m not about to follow the rules.” Colbert’s segment is titled “Stephen Colbert Takes The Gloves Off: Gun Control” and he does just that. He goes in and ruthlessly calls out the Senate on their bullshit. 

Each and every comedian host has stepped up in the wake of the tragedy by being true to their own voice and the circumstances in which we are living. They’ve each given heartfelt, poignant speeches addressing the massacre, and this week they all had the hard job of commenting on the Senate’s refusal to budge when it comes to gun control reform. John Oliver made a plea for all of us to take action, while Samantha Bee straight up called the Senate a bunch of pussies.

Colbert opened the segment with a very personal question.

The audience obviously cheered, because they are indeed human beings. He then warns:

“Then this story may upset you. I’m upset.”

The story, of course, being that the Senate refused to pass common-sense gun control laws designed to make this a safer country to live in. “It’s easy to feel hopeless” Colbert states.

He laments on the current state of the nation and throws in a good dub at Bieber to cheer us all up. Then he takes off the gloves.

He doesn’t hold back when it comes to roasting the shit out of the worthless Senate, saying:

“Hey Senate, my dog accomplished more than you this week when it rolled over and licked its nuts. Hey Senate, I’ve seen bugs trapped in amber move faster than you. Hey, you guys think a terrorist watch list is when you put Homeland on your Netflix queue.”

And that’s only round one. Here’s the full video for your viewing pleasure.

In under five minutes, he goes from hopeless to hilarious — truly a pro.