7 Reasons You Absolutely Need To Know About Comedian Natasha Leggero

She is self-described on her website as “celebrated actress, comedian, and female,” and you can already see her sense of humor there — she’s simultaneously poking fun at herself and at the absurdity of “the business.” You absolutely need to know about comedian Natasha Leggero. She is one of the wittiest working comedians out there today, and not to mention the best dressed. Sure, fashion has nothing to do with comedic ability, but she is utterly herself on stage and her characters are often exaggerated versions of herself al la Abby and Ilana on Broad City. She is unapologetically her. She has comedy albums available for download (“Coke Money” and “Live At Bimbo’s”), a hilarious show on Comedy Central that you should be watching, and is one of the few female roasters in the game.

She’s one of those actresses you see a picture of and think, “How do I know her?” Maybe from her appearance on Modern Family, that Key and Peele sketch, or from Reno 911? In addiction to her numerous TV appearances, she has been killing it in the stand-up scene for a while now.

If you’re still not convinced enough to follow her on Twitter, here are seven reasons you should consider yourself a fan.

Another Period Is Amazing

Recently renewed for a third season, Comedy Central’s Another Period, is a hilarious female-driven comedy that you should faithfully watch if you don’t already. Created by Leggero and Riki Lindhome, the show is described by Leggero as “if the Kardashians lived at Downton Abbey.” The show centers around Lillian and Beatrice Bellacourt, two debutantes hoping to hit it big in Newport, Rhode Island high society.

The cast includes Michael Ian Black, Paget Brewster, David Wain, Jason Ritter, Brett Gelman, and Cristina Hendricks — that’s a hell of a cast! In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Leggero elaborates on the show’s concept, saying:

“It’s pretty fascinating, this period of history, like 1900-1910, nobody was paying income tax, so they were like, living like rappers.”

Accurate. The show even includes a theme song curtsey of Snoop Doggy Dog.

She Does Things Her Own Way, Including Her Honeymoon

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Her husband, Moshe Kasher, is also a comedian, and they turned their honeymoon into a comedy tour. In a recent interview with Spiltsider, the couple addressed the decision to go on a co-headlining comedy tour together.

Natasha: “We were in Newport, Rhode Island where all these really wealthy people have lived since the Gilded Age. There was this one couple who were so rich they went on a 15-year honeymoon. They came back with two kids. Moshe and I got really inspired by their story. We thought we would follow in their footsteps and see how long we can keep this honeymoon going.”

Moshe: “So far, so good. It’s been great.”

The couple was married in 2015, and the official tour just ended June 17. The key here is that it’s a “co-headlining tour.” Nobody is opening for anybody. They are equals. They are clearly fans of each other’s work and this kind of partnership is inspiring to see if you’re a cornball like me.

Her Twitter Is Pretty Great

Leggero’s awesome humor has an every-day outlet via Twitter, and everyone should follow her for constant laughs.

She Slays At Roasting

Here she is killin’ it on Comedy Central’s The Roast Of Justin Bieber. Leggero is one of the best in the roasting game, which is primarily a male-dominated sport.

She Has A Fascinating Backstory

From watching her recent appearance on Colbert, I have learned new and interesting information about Leggero. Apparently, she once worked as a receptionist at a brothel in Australia after being conned by a man… you should just watch for yourself. This girl has LIVED.

Her “People Are Idiots” Philosophy

A.V. Club’s Tuyet Nguyen really nails this description of Leggero:

People are idiots. That’s how Natasha Leggero sees it anyway. Her stand-up is long list of such complaints, a derisive tally of everything that’s wrong with the modern world. Among the problems: toilet babies, lazy rappers, and the women’s movement. But, truth be told, she’s more of a charmer than a cynic, and more joy than killjoy.”

This brings me to the last reason on this list.

She’s Just Fabulously Herself

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Women in comedy are often told early in their career to “dress down” so as not to “distract” from their jokes. Better advice comes from those who insist you be true to yourself while on stage. Leggero’s fashion on and off stage is so unique and fabulous that it’s worth mentioning.

The first time I saw her perform, she was wearing an elaborate fur coat and gloves while the rest of the lineup was clad in jeans and a sweatshirt. She was also using a vape pen that seemed to be inspired by Cruella Deville. I was like, who is this? Anyone who stays true to themselves regardless of what others think is a badass in my book.

#tbt vape life

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Welcome to the fan club.