Watch Elizabeth Warren Brilliantly Bash Donald Trump For Refusing To Release His Tax Returns

Rumors are circulating that Elizabeth Warren may be Hilary Clinton’s VP pick (which Wall Street is probably not happy about, considering Warren often calls banks out for their bullshit and lack of consideration for lower class citizens). When the Massachusetts senator announced her endorsement of Clinton, she referred to Donald Trump as “a small, insecure, money-grubber,” so Warren speaking ill of Trump is in no way new news. However, a new video of Warren slamming Trump for not releasing his tax returns is a thing of beauty. She is never one to back down from being brutally honest, and this is no exception.

Warren is a straight-up boss in Congress, but her chances at the VP spot don’t look promising, despite rumors suggesting she’s on Clinton’s short list. In addition to the fact that an all-female ticket is unlikely (I mean, people are pissed about an all female Ghostbusters), Warren and Clinton would clearly clash on major issues, like dealing with Wall Street, and she wouldn’t help the presidential hopeful garner any Independent votes.

Nevertheless, Warren’s committed to making sure Trump doesn’t come anywhere near the White House and continues to bash his intelligence, integrity, and experience any chance she gets. In her latest video for MoveOn, a progressive advocacy group, Warren first addresses the difficulty in talking about Trump: where do you even start when there’s so much to say?

Screen shot 2016-06-21 at 2.57.01 PM

Her very first words in the video are:

“I have to be honest, it is hard to talk about Donald Trump. Between his ignorance, his racism, his sexism, his lies, it is actually hard to know where to start.”

The main subject of the video though is Trump’s taxes — or rather, his lack thereof. Warren explains that he is the first presidential nominee in 40 years to refuse to disclose his tax returns. “Maybe he’s just a lousy business man who doesn’t want you to find out that he’s worth a whole lot less than he claims.”

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What’s worse is that Trump brags about not paying taxes. Warren points out that Trump’s gone on record saying he tries to pay as little taxes as possible because he doesn’t want to “throw his money down the drain.”

Here is her flawless response to that:

Screen shot 2016-06-21 at 3.13.08 PM

Right on Lizzy! In all seriousness, Warren is begging voters to be active and speak out. She pleads:

“Ask your FOX News-loving Republican uncle, ‘Why do you pay your taxes, but Donald Trump doesn’t?'”

Watch the full video to bask in all of Warren’s anti-Trump glory.

Warren expects Trump to come up with a slew of new derogatory nicknames for her in response to the video, but she can take it.