Photos Of Beyonce’s Hawaiian Vacation Will Make You Want To Buy All The Flower Crowns

If you’re having any vacation envy at all this summer, you do not want to see pictures of Beyoncé’s Hawaiian vacation. It will make your heart hurt for oceans, fab bathing suits, and whatever that delicious looking cocktail is. On break before the European leg of the Formation World Tour, she and Jay Z, along with Blue Ivy, are hanging in Hawaii, and while Blue and Jay are just chilling, Beyoncé has created her own Vogue spread (or, maybe more Marie Claire, but that’s besides the point).

For one, she is still in Lemonade mode. In most of the pictures posted to her website this week, she’s wearing a bright yellow wrap dress as a cover up. But it doesn’t stop there — she’s also rocking a necklace with huge lemon charms and a flower crown with lemons on it, too. Listen, Bey is the Queen, so she can do whatever she wants, but I do have to admit that I’m sort of into imagining Jay Z being a little fed up with the lemonade theme already. Like, “B, do you have to wear the crown to bed every night?” And she tells him that when he makes a world-stopping album and film, he can wear a crown everyday, too.

Beyonce Hawaii 1

She rocked that crown all day.

Beyonce Hawaii 2

The best part about this entire vacation series is by far this printed one-piece bathing suit with full sleeves and cut outs on the side — it’s gorgeous and something only Beyoncé could possibly pull off (*shakes fist at the bathing suit gods*). Please note that there are two lemons right in the center of the print. It’s almost funny how she won’t let it go.

Beyonce Hawaii 3

There are also adorable pictures of her and Jay Z kissing and watching Blue play with some other people on the beach (Guests? Friends? Tourists? Inquiring minds must know).

Beyonce Hawaii 4
Beyonce Hawaii 5

Wherever they are in Hawaii seems super private and beautiful. There are no other people around as they frolic and take little nature hikes to explore all the beaches the island has to offer. It’s almost too idyllic (and that bathing suit), but definitely well deserved as she has worked and danced her fucking ass off making and promoting Lemonade and then hopping on tour. In fact, yeah, she can wear that crown as much as she wants.

Oh, to vacation like the Queen — with infinity pools, designer bathing suits, and random drinks you can sip on the shore. Life can be good.