Hillary Clinton Has Way More Campaign Money Than Donald Trump, Which Is A Good Sign We Aren’t Totally Screwed

We all know that presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is a bragger, but he may also be delusional (which is probably more worrisome). According to new Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has way more money than Trump to run her campaign right now, so don’t believe The Donald’s hype. That’s right, the man who claims he is rich at every turn has about $1.3 million in his campaign coffers, compared to Clinton’s $42.5 million. Like they always say in the movies, following the money of both candidates paints a pretty good picture of where both campaigns stand and — let’s not get too cocky — should quell some fears about the reality of Trump actually taking office.

According to The Guardian, Trump press secretary Hope Hicks said, “There are no fundraising concerns whatsoever. The money is pouring in and Trump has received tremendous support.” But that’s entirely not true. Like at all. Some donations to his Super Pacs haven’t been reported yet because of deadlines, but one of them, the Great America Pac took in $1.4 million in May, which is the most cash it has raised throughout the campaign.

Trump actually loaned his campaign $2.2 million in May, and most of his spending is on stupid shit — like his jet, putting people up at his Mar del Lago resort, or paying back Ivanka and his family for their own spending. And it’s all debt according to filings, akin to using your overdraft credit and paying one credit card bill with another card.

Clinton on the other hand is raising huge sums of money. According to The Guardian, she raised about $26 million in May. Most of those are average donations of around $44 from 430,000 people. Her Super Pacs are also doing very well, bringing in double digits all over the place. Basically, she’s loaded. She even spent less money in May, just $14 million compared to the $24 million her campaign spent in April, when she was more nervous about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. A lot of that spending was “strategic,” Robby Mook, her campaign manager, told The Guardian. Also, one doesn’t exactly have to spend a lot of money on anti-Trump ads.

In addition to being a complete fucking liar about how rich he is (I mean, I’m no financial guru, but loaning yourself millions seems akin to some The Big Short shit), the donations are not exactly “rolling in.” The Republican National Committee raised about the same amount it’s been raising throughout the campaign cycle in May — around $13 million. For comparison’s sake, when boring old Mitt Romney was running in 2012, they raised around $34 million that May.

What’s extremely interesting about this fundraising and spending debacle is not just that Clinton is obviously kicking his ass when it comes to donations and courting Wall Street, it’s that her campaign’s financial habits just seem so much more organized and smart. How politicians run their campaign is good insight into how they deal with money overall. Trump’s campaign is messy and disorganized. Clinton’s is calculated and strategic. If that makes her Claire Underwood, so be it.

America is already in a shit ton of financial trouble, so we don’t need to elect someone who’s transferring already loaned funds into the collective checking account and screwing it up even more. The Donald might be a business man, but he’s not a good one — it’s time for Clinton and her campaign to start pointing that out. This guy has no fucking idea what he’s doing.