Google Earth May Have Captured A Gigantic Sea Creature Off The Coast Of Antarctica

There is something stirring in the deep blue sea — could it be our demise?! Although that sounds conspiratorial, it’s not out of the picture considering recent sightings on Google Earth show there may be a Kraken living off the coast of Antarctica. The original footage that sparked the shit-storm of online theories and speculations was captured April 9 when a Google Earth user WowForReel spotted unusual amounts of water pressure off the coast of Antarctica and posted a Youtube video speculating about whether it indicates the presence of a Kraken or maybe even an Aquatic UFO.

As you can imagine, everyone and their mom has a theory about what lies beneath the 96 yards of water pressure captured on camera, with many agreeing it’s a giant sea squid that measures roughly 120 meters, because really, isn’t that secretly what we want it to be? While more than a bit terrifying, wouldn’t there be some morbid sense of comfort in finding out the folklore surrounding the Kraken was based in truth?

That sounds like a Kraken to me. Maybe the stories about the giant sea monster of the deep are all true,” said Scott Warren of UFO Sightings Daily. Really, if we are in fact dealing with the revelation of a living sea monster, someone who writes for UFO Sightings Daily would have their finger on the pulse.

Of course, the mythical Kraken known for terrorizing sailors and hanging primarily in the waters surrounding Norway and Greenland isn’t the sole theory at play here. There are many theories as to what is causing the rumble near the Arctic — one of the more interesting theories posits that the sea creature is in fact a Plesiosaur, which is a large supposedly-instinct marine dinosaur. At least, that’s what WowForReel thinks.

Other believers think the mysterious sea monster might be responsible for “The Bloop,” which was an ultra-low frequency and very powerful sound discovered in the deep blue by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration back in 1997. At the time of discovery, the noise resembled a combination between the sound of icebergs hitting the ocean floor and the sound of large sea mammals, so many posited it might be a mysterious creature.

Further scientific confirmation has yet to clarify what exactly was spotted on Google Earth, but in the meantime, it’s fun to speculate. Without any evidence to the contrary, I’m going to go on believing that the Kraken lives.