A ‘Golden Girls’-Themed Restaurant Is Coming To New York (Yes, There Will Be Cheesecake)

New Yorkers who like awesome TV, rejoice: you’re getting a Golden Girls-themed restaurant. Rue La Rue Café is due to open in Manhattan this September, created by owner Michael LaRue in honor of his close friend, the late Rue McClanahan (The Golden Girls’ Blanche Devereaux). The restaurant will serve standard café fare, such as soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches, and of course, cheesecake, named after characters and episodes from the show.

Diners will also get to see displays of personal memorabilia that LaRue inherited from McClanahan and hear live music played on the piano she used to own. McClanahan’s son, Mark Bisch, is a partner in the venture, which will hopefully keep the displays on the right side of respect for the deceased.

LaRue intends for the restaurant to turn into a tourist destination where Golden Girls fans from around the world can congregate. That’ll be helped by Rue La Rue’s licensed Golden Girls merchandise, which the Walt Disney Company is allowing them to manufacture due to Bisch’s involvement, and the presence of Betty White (aka Rose Nylund) at the grand opening.

Rue La Rue is the latest in an emerging trend of late ’80s/early ’90s-themed eateries. Earlier this month, a Saved By The Bell-themed diner called Saved By The Max opened in Chicago, with quotes from the show painted on the walls, dishes named after Bayside students (anyone for an A. C. Slider burger?), and waitstaff dressed in red and black uniforms. However, by combining millennials’ love of retro pop culture and everyone’s love of the show, this Golden Girls-themed establishment may avoid being just another iteration of a copycat trend.

Despite the fact that it ended over two decades ago, The Golden Girls maintains a dedicated GIF-making, scene-quoting following because it was one of a kind. It challenged the youth-obsessed male gaze by focusing on the lives of older women, talking frankly about women’s sexualities, speaking openly in favor of gay rights, and portraying people with disabilities as complex individuals. No other show on TV has even come close to its boldness, and I for one am a lifetime fan.

No word yet on whether the Rue La Rue Café will become a franchise, but if it opens other branches outside of New York, Miami has got to be next on the list, right? Either way, you need to get yourself to New York to stuff your face with Golden Girls cheesecake.