A Drone Delivered Abortion Drugs To Northern Ireland In Bold Protest Of Its Dangerous Laws

Although it may seem like America is the only country dealing with controversial abortion restrictions, there are women all over the world without access to safe or legal medical care. Both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have extremely strict bans on abortion, only allowing the procedure in the most dire of circumstances, so badass activists are finding inventive ways to circumvent the law. The Dutch pro-choice organization Women on Web helped facilitate a drone delivery of abortion pills to Northern Ireland Tuesday to bring attention to the nation’s discriminatory and dangerous laws that don’t let women decide what to do with their own bodies.

“The point of today’s flight is to show that no matter whether abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, women will access abortion pills,” Women on Web founder Dr. Rebecca Gomperts told NBC News. “The law has to be updated to reflect the reality … The government has to stop violating women’s rights.” The drone flew from the Republic of Ireland to the Narrow Waters Castle in Northern Ireland, where anti-abortion restrictions are even more harrowing than its southern neighbor. It carried Mifepristone and Misoprostol, drugs used to end pregnancies up to nine weeks that have been approved by the World Health Organization.

Belfast native Courtney Robinson, 18, was one of the women who took the pills once they landed and told The Guardian: “We are here to say we are going to defy the law in helping women obtain these pills and we are going to work to make the law unworkable and stand in solidarity with all women who want to have an abortion and have the right to do so in Northern Ireland.”

Abortion is only acceptable in Ireland if the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life or mental health (I could argue that forcing any woman to carry a pregnancy to term against her will would negatively affect her mental health, but I’m not in charge). In the Republic of Ireland, women can be sentenced up to 14 years in prison for ending a pregnancy, while women in Northern Ireland can be sentenced to life behind bars.

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Women on Web helps women around the globe get the information and drugs they need to induce their own abortions. Dr. Gomperts told NBC News that delivering the medications by drone circumvents the law in most countries that outlaw abortion because most lawmakers didn’t think to specify that drones couldn’t drop the drugs across the border. So, basically these women are pro-choice geniuses.

Tuesday’s drone delivery was a bold protest against Ireland’s ridiculously invasive abortion laws, proving that women will take back their autonomy in creative ways. Technology has made everything more accessible — now including abortion meds.