Watch This Incredible Bulldog Skateboard In Dinosaur Jr.’s New “Tiny” Music Video

I’d be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t enjoy the vision of a panting bulldog riding a skateboard on a sunny day, considering it’s an embodiment of pure joy. Fully recognizing this appeal, the new Dinosaur Jr. video features a skateboarding bulldog who manages to balance being an adorable dog and a proficient skateboarder during his break-out acting role.

The single and music video Tiny precedes the release of the new Dinosaur Jr. album Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Notwhich comes out August 5. Offscreen, the bulldog’s name is Beefy, and he is the pup of the Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis.

Friend-of-the-band and film director Laurie Collyer had the idea to make a music video featuring Beefy hitting the ramps. In an interview about the collaboration, Collyer told Pitchfork how her friendship with Mascis inspired the video. She said: “Aside from music, J Mascis has other passions. Bulldogs and skateboarding among them. When a friend of mine told me there was such a thing as skateboarding bulldogs, I took it from there and came up with the idea for Tiny.”

We are all the more blessed for Collyer’s idea, because every time a dog skateboards, a small vacuum of evil is vanquished.

The storyline, as visualized by Collyer, is that the photogenic Beefy falls into a deep sleep and dreams of the perfect day, in which he skateboards without falling down while hanging out with is owner, Mascis. In the video, Beefy waits at the roller derby rink for Mascis to finish playing music in the middle of a crew of roller derby girls (naturally) before living out his dream of skating with his best human friend in the park. AWW BEEFY.

Luckily, after some scrapes on the ramp, our meaty hero is able to achieve his dream of gliding outside cool-guy style alongside his favorite long-haired musician.

If you find yourself facing a rough or frustrating day, feel free to rip a few pages from Beefy’s book and remember that with patience and practice, comes true possibilities to glide yourself happy. But only after a few well-earned scrapes.

Watching Beefy wipe out gave me some tender feelings, but seeing him smiling outside on his board is probably the most adorable and satisfying sight I’ll encounter today.

There’s really nothing in the world better than watching a bulldog skate around (don’t even try to convince me otherwise). Thank you Beefy — keep on skating.