#NoWomanEver Shows The Sad, Sad Truth About Street Harassment Men Don’t Get

You know how when a man says something gross about smiling or your ass on the street and you think, “Does that ever work?” Well, you’re not alone. A woman named CJ from Atlanta sarcastically tweeted about street harassment and now women are using the #NoWomanEver hashtag to talk about street harassment, and all of the tweets are simply fucking perfect. Like, this one, where a woman tweets, “‘JESUS yo ass is fat,’ he yelled out. Finally found a good Christian man! We’ve been praying together ever since. #NoWomanEver.”

Or, this one: “I knew he was husband material when he tenderly pulled down his window and made a loud barking noise. #NoWomanEver.”  I’m sort of obsessed with all of them, actually. They’re just the perfect blend of sarcasm while calling men out on all of their bullshit. Over the course of Saturday, the hashtag just took off. And we all know how men don’t like it when a bunch of women start standing up for themselves, even just with tweets. CJ, the woman who first tweeted “No Woman Ever,” told Buzzfeed that her mentions is full of a bunch of jerks who just won’t get it.

“The sad thing is that my mentions are still filled with people — with men — who don’t understand that women have a right and reason to be afraid of the way that they’re approached in public, and it might not be a good idea,” she said.

Some dude — hopefully just making a bad joke and not actually being confused about the meaning of the hashtag — tweeted that #NoWomanEver was a “bunch of pick up lines” women with low self-esteem fell for.

But apart from being straight up oblivious, there is a conversation going on about street harassment in the hashtag — it’s just still the same old shit. Men are trolling the hashtag sort of like, angry, that women feel entitled enough to laugh at their shitty, sometimes scary, tactics. In fact, the sarcastic tweets from women about different scenarios are great, but the tone deaf, misogynist ones from men are way more interesting. And disheartening.

There are men, as everyone with a vagina knows, that really think they can yell at women on the straight or leer at you while your waiting for a sandwich at the deli counter. They actually do no understand why that is scary and gross. It’s sad AF. Like this entitled asshole:

They don’t understand that our bodies aren’t here for them. It’s insanity.

If only there were a way to write tickets that men actually had to pay every single fucking time it happened (not that anyone wants to get close enough to these creep to hand them out). Then, in like 20 years (possibly more), maybe it would stop. Just brainstorming here. The thing about street harassment is that there are no consequences for this bad behavior except that little panic you feel in your chest when you walk through a parking lot by yourself at night. It’s weird to think that men have never felt that way and can’t wrap their little brains around the reality of it.

What’s really sad is that as amusing as most of the sarcastic tweets are, they’re funny because they’re true and happen every day, all the time. We’re going to need a lot more hashtags to stop it, too.