Chewbacca Mom Now Has Her Own Action Figure From Hasbro, So You Can Relive The Infectious Laughter That Made Her Famous

Going viral on the internet can mean nothing or everything for your life, depending on who you are and how lucky you strike it. Usually a trending meme or tweet will garner some new followers but not end in financial gain. However, in the case of the “Chewbacca Mom,” who now has her own action figure, going viral has not only landed her temporary fame, but also a variety of financial benefits, including college scholarships for her children.

For those uninitiated (please lead me to the beautiful cave you live in), Chewbacca Mom is a 37-year-old mother of two named Candace Payne who on the fateful day of May 19, donned a Chewbacca mask on Facebook live and immediately went viral for her infectious laugh (and obvious appreciation for Ewoks).

Since her inception into the viral online community, Chewbacca Mom has received a $2,5000 gift card from Kohl’s, as well as hundreds of dollars worth of Star Wars toys, an interview on Good Morning America, a fucking vacation to Disney World, and the opportunity to star in a skit with the hilarious James Corden. Needless to say, her Facebook video was the lottery of going viral, and the presentation of her new Hasbro action figure just furthers the level of ridiculous. Forget a nine to five and a white picket fence (especially in this economy), hitting it viral like Chewbacca Mom is the new American Dream.

The action figure was revealed to Chewbacca Mom Friday at the Hasbro headquarters in Rhode Island, where she was invited for the gifting. As you can see, the figurine is modeled to resemble Chewbacca Mom in her human-dressed-as-Ewok glory, and even comes loaded with 13 catch phrases, including her signature laugh and the phrase “I’m such a happy Chewbacca!” Really, who wouldn’t be a happy Chewbacca if they got all those benefits?! The figurine isn’t for sale yet, but should be soon.

It’s hard to imagine how many more outlandish shapes her fame could take — after all, where do you go after you’ve been immortalized into an action figure? I have no doubt, however, that she will see more gifts and benefits in the coming weeks. Once the viral spotlight of relevancy is on you, capitalism showers you with perks.

While most people have responded to Chewbacca Mom’s antics with either amusement or indifference, there has been some backlash to the outpouring of gifts she’s received. The complaints lodged bring up some valid points about the ways in which white viral stars are more often extended financial opportunity than their PoC counterparts, and it stands to say: a lot of internet hits have been mined from black teens, including but not limited to, the now popularized word “Fleek.”

But, if you were Chewbacca Mom, would you turn down those gifts?