The Video For Rihanna And Calvin Harris’ Song “This Is What You Came For” Is Here & It’s Like “Hotline Bling” On Club Drugs

Late last night, the video for “This Is What You Came For,” Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ new single fell upon the Internet and the theme, as best as I can figure out, is “I’m Rihanna and I borrowed this box from my boyfriend Drake and now I shall dance around in it.” To be fair, that is definitely not the worst theme for a music video. I like Rihanna and I like Drake. I think Calvin Harris is a jackass¬†because of the thing with his name, but he’s already having a shitty week after his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift traded him in for another tall piece of warm, human celery, so I won’t bash him.

Anyway, here’s the video! It’s very nice!

Dancing in a box really does look fun. Like, if my boyfriend had one, I would borrow it. I get it.