Facebook Deactivated A Woman’s Account For Her Awesome Response To Unsolicited Dick Pics

No one likes an unsolicited dick pick. It’s just all around infuriating that men think their erect cocks are that enticing to a woman who didn’t ask to see it (of course, if you did ask to see, it’s an entirely different story). This English woman was banned from Facebook for posting dick pics to fight the patriarchy, and she’s pretty awesome in my book. According to the BBC (which calls dick pics “penis photos,” which is sort of adorable), all Samantha Mawdsley did was post a review of a restaurant before she received a message from a random man calling himself James containing a photo of his penis. Seeing that that was entirely inappropriate, she decided to get even and started sending him a bunch of dick pics until he eventually cried uncle.

Mawdsley relented, but our heroine didn’t stop there. She posted the entire exchange on Facebook for everyone to see, and obviously, it went viral. She even blurred out the dicks with filters and stickers and stuff, but Facebook wasn’t amused. The site took down the post AND deactivated her account, which is a downright shame, because people need to know how fucking common it is to get a random picture of a cock. Mawdsley wasn’t the problem, she was simply calling out the problem.

Mawdsley reports some dude even responded to her dick pic-shaming post with another dick pic. Because of course. Mawdsley is still fighting the good fight anyway.

It’s about not being silent. It’s one thing if you’re mutually sexting with a guy and he sends you a picture of his cock (I have even been known to appreciate such images), but this was like a freaking Yelp review. What in the world makes men think that’s OK? No one want’s to see your precious dick (and let me tell you — if you have to send photos of it to strangers, it’s probably not all that previous). The man allegedly asked her to keep their interaction to herself, which is complete bullshit.

Here’s the thing: if I didn’t ask to see your penis, and you sent me a picture regardless, there are no fucking rules. Men don’t get to like, demand what women do with their unsolicited pictures afterwards. Mawdsley wants to put an end to all of it. She told BBC, “I really think guys are going to think twice. I’d rather that they learnt the lesson it’s unacceptable, but I’d be happy if it just peters out and doesn’t happen any more. It’s sexual harassment and shouldn’t be allowed.”

She’s totally fucking right. It’s infuriating and unfair that women have to put up with this. Thinking that a woman wants to see your cock (and assuming that if she did, she wouldn’t just ask) is actually the same kind of entitlement that douche bag rapists feel. It’s different levels, to be sure, but it’s the same idea.

So guys, put your pants back on and just assume I’m tweeting out all the dick pics random Tinder dudes send me.