Anna Wintour Swapped Lives With Amy Schumer And Is Coming For Your Comedy Gigs

In a recent video clip celebrating Amy Schumer’s first Vogue cover, Anna Wintour and Amy Schumer switched places for a day, and now Wintour has a better comedy credit than most of the New York comedians I run with. The clip shows the two women lightly prodding each other about how easy the other one has it, which brings them to the natural conclusion that they should switch jobs for a day to settle things once and for all.

Obviously, the shots showing Schumer attempting to decipher tops from skirts while drinking a huge coffee as Wintour networks with comedians at the Comedy Cellar are scripted. However, that doesn’t change the fact that even seeing a screenshot of Wintour performing on the stage of the coveted comedy club is enough to make most of the stand-up comedians I know (including myself) coil with a burning fire of rage and despair, because the thirst for those hot club spots is SO REAL. Wintour doesn’t need this fiction — doesn’t she have enough?!

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Schumer, knowing the petty nature of most comedians, was fully aware that even a joke video in which she tosses the esteemed Vogue editor a gig would induce tinges of jealousy among her struggling peers and underlings, similar to the jealousy brought about when Madonna performed stand-up comedy on The Tonight Show. Again, I KNOW THIS IS FICTION, BUT THE SAME RULES APPLY.

Honestly, the video in itself is very cute and harmless. Watching Schumer struggle with an over-sized coffee while attempting to pin point what exactly clothes are is all too relatable to my daily struggles getting dressed, and the nonchalance of Wintour’s presence at the Comedy Cellar, especially when she asked another comedian about bookings, confirms every comedian’s fear — being a comedian is bullshit (it is).

To be fair, I’m sure there are aspiring fashion editors who were writhing in pain as they watched Schumer jokingly confuse expensive articles of clothing while bossing around assistants. For all I know, there is a community of fashion people as petty as comedians who saw Schumer jokingly assume their dream role and felt irrational jealousy towards a 3-minute sketch video.

Luckily for those equally desperate and unable to stomach a benign sketch video without making it about themselves and their “dreams,” neither Schumer or Wintour have any real plans to switch lives, which is a blessing for both the fashion and comedy worlds.

Nonetheless, watching Wintour literally drop the mic in this video earns my respect because my first instinct is to yell, “Don’t do that! They’ll get mad and won’t book you again!”